Monday, August 18, 2008

GAY STUFF: Guy Supports McCain

Photo from Out Magazine of Crutchley and Larry Basile of

A lot has been made of the Chairman of throwing $2300 towards McCain recently... so much so that he (Jonathan Crutchley) resigned from the company.

Apparently there's this whole thing about gay guys not liking the person who runs their favorite hook-up site to support a man who does not even want a gay person (or a pro-gay person) as his VP. That aside, I think it's absurd that it's an issue at all.

We, in a culture that purports the right of individuals to be who they are, can't suppose for one minute that a homocon could be running the biggest big of gay business that is still making money -- that is, sex. At the moment, it seems that gay business in general is plummeting, what with the recent memo from NASDAQ to PlanetOut (the only LGBT-specific business on NASDAQ) to up its share prices or be delisted -- apparently you have to have a minimum of $5,000,000 worth of shares to maintain its list. Meanwhile, (and its parent company, Online Buddies) is doing nearly $30m of business a year and growing, whilst its chief competitor ( is wallowing in uselessness.

Why is anyone surprised that a Republican runs it???

It's been reported on belief, it seems, and people already knew about it. So, I don't get it. In fact, there's a comment on the Towleroad site by Crutchley that points out -- duh, Barack also doesn't support gay marriage, though he's far more positive on gay issues than McCain.

I guess my point is this: to the gay bloggers -- get over it. There are gay Republicans, believe it or not. I don't like it either, but I have tremendous respect for Patrick Guerrero and his sort. They aren't stupid people, they just have different priorities (as a liberal Democrat, I will say that it's silly that you wouldn't prioritize your own equality -- but that's my own beef). Leave Crutchley alone. Just like the rest of us, he has the right to support anyone he damn well pleases...

Though it doesn't mean McCain has to take it... (following from Michael Signorile's blog, the Gist...)

John McCain has returned the money donated to him by Jonathan Crutchley, the chairman of, who resigned amid the debacle over his donation. As Pam Spaulding notes, McCain is just further humiliating the Log Cabin Republicans and asinine people like Crutchley, who is now trying to do some p.r. spin for himself and his gay sex website business. The exposed former Manhunt chairman had previously described McCain as someone who would be "a better commander in chief" than Obama in this "dangerous age," and said we'd have to get to gay rights later. But now, according to Manhunt co-owner Larry Basile, Crutchley is apparently giving his money to Obama, since "John is too good for my money."
In fact, I'm going to say this: let's focus on more important things when it comes to online gay hook-up sites. I'm not saying I don't use them, but let's talk, instead, about a point brought up really well by Out Magazine and the subversion of gay culture by online gay hook up sites (I know, I'm surprised Out did as good a job on the story as they did). Or, let's talk about the racial aspect of online gay hook-up sites being explored in-depth by Trevor Hoppe.

I could give two shits about the political leanings of a man who saw a market -- gay sex -- and made some serious cash off of it. That is pretty American, to my mind.


libhom said...

It's no secret that the GOP is a homophobic, neo-Nazi gang. There is no possible way to support the Republican Party without promoting discrimination, violence, and death against lgbt people.

Queers have a right to fight back against homophobes, including homophobes in the lgbt community. Remember, all Republicans share in personal responsibility for the following:

All homophobic hate crimes.

The vast majority of AIDS deaths in this country.

Every time a someone is fired from their job for being queer.

Unknown said...

That's a pretty intense attack. I disagree, but mainly because I don't want to lump all Republicans together. You forget a California or Massachusetts Republican, generally, is a lot friendlier to queers than a Southern Democrat (or a Upper Midwest Democrat -- say, Montana or the Dakotas or Idaho or Utah).

Generally, yes, I agree with you because the platform spreads hate and, though not encouraging violence or awful crimes against queers, certainly does not do anything to alleviate it.

But I've met some awfully nice, gay-friendly Republicans... (though they have a funny guilt issue when admitting it... "yea, but I'm not like THEM").

Thanks for reading!!!!!