Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jesus, Beau...

So it turns out that Beau Breedlove is an idiot. Jesus, he is embroiled in a scandal that threatened (and possibly still threatens) to take down the once widely liked progressive gay mayor Sam Adams, and his method of dealing with it has been to grant interviews, offer information he didn't need to (about kissing in the men's room of City Hall) and now...posing nude for

Of course, the line is that his posing nude is to prove the scandal does not define his sexuality, blah blah blah. Like Joan Collins went starkers in Playboy to show that 49-year-olds' lives were not over, blah blah blah.

Come on—you're posing naked because you're young and hot and want to show that off for the thrill of it, not to make any other statement. And in Beau's case, his doing it is a big, intentional FUCK YOU to his former lover.
(from boy culture)

Commentary left open for the peanut gallery...

For those who don't know, Beau Breedlove is the twinkie that has decided that his mark on the world will be as openly gay Portland Mayor Sam Adam's cum-stained blue dress. I didn't say he was wearing a blue dress, but that he is the blue dress -- cum-stained and tawdry.


Anonymous said...

Cmon did not his dog "Lolita" tip you off?

I really bet that Beau is not so innocent and that what really happneded was horny almost 18 year old who liked daddies went after Sammy Boy. And horney Sam caved. they shared 2 kisses and one screw and that was it. Sam was propbably the one who had regrets after doing it and stopped it.

Wonder Man said...

he planned this...he's not a good guy

Jere Keys said...

I'd do him. That's the only criteria I use in deciding who to support.

In all seriousness, I do sort of admire Beau's decision here. It's absolutely not helpful to Mayor Adams, but I don't thing Breedlove owes the mayor anything at this point. I support Adams staying in office, but I also recognize he was the one who asked Breedlove to lie and cover up their history. Beau is not the villain and if he were any other cute 20-something guy getting naked on the internet, we probably wouldn't even be debating it, just reaching for the kleenex.

Ms. Rho said...

He's just trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame as long as he can. It's a common trait in this day and age.

He's smart enough to know that without the scandal, he'd be another nobody. Like the rest of us. As it is, he's getting work, probably getting laid with top shelf club kids, and hoping to parlay it all into a spot on some tawdry VH1 reality show.