Wednesday, March 5, 2008


To those who are paying attention: I CAN'T SLEEP. I have to go to Job #2 at 3pm and then back to Job #1 at 10pm. I'm just too damn excited. But in my insomnia, I caught Feist's newest video. I have to say, I really really like this lady's videos, her first one, 1234, was an amazing video. The new one, I Feel it All, is equally as visually pleasing.

And she has an amazing smile... it's genuine music, I think. And you can't be sad listening to it. It's happy music. Happy pop. Yea! (And the music videos are amazing because they are done with ONE camera shot and in one take... that's just SICK how much technique and planning goes into that)

And I had never seen this video, but it's equally visually pleasing...

All three, btw, were directed by Patrick Daughters, who seems to have Feist as his biggest client, save for one video directed for Beck last year.

Just very visually appealing, you know.

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Barry Floore said...

HA! There are some QUEENS in that second video.