Friday, March 7, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: SNOW DAY! (and 150th post!)

So today is the day that the skies open up and dump up to 12 inches on the city of Cincinnati. In honor, here are some pictures of the first inch starting to come down:

(Of course the troll had to play along. Check out the next blog for today's task.)

BTW--> Does anyone know how to use a Canon PowerShot S3IS? I'm doing a lot of pointing and shooting and the pictures are not as clear as I would hope! Help!!!!!

Oh, and this is an update, because the troll is making rounds on my text messages and people are laughing, but here are the street pictures I'm taking too:





1220pm: (please not the snow plow that's not plowing)

0120pm (hell yea postman, well done... thanks for the fucking bills):

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