Thursday, November 22, 2007

POLITICS: Apparently, the Peace Activists Learned from Vietnam

No real news article to base this on...

BUT... it appears that the peace activists learned a lot from the Vietnam WAr, in respect especially to the way they treat soldiers coming home. They learned that it is inappropriate to abuse them, and understand that they are just doing their job and trying to do what's best for the country. After all, there's hardly any attacks or anti-soldier rhetoric going on. In fact, the reverse is true.

HOWEVER, it seems like the war hawks have not learned, further delving into a war for minor political aims. In fact, they've treated the vets worse than the peace activists... Walter Reid, cuts in military benefits, difficulty getting VA disability benefits, shoddy armor, lack of provisions, etc etc etc...

Funny, isn't it?

ALSO... what happens to the soldiers? It is rare that I ever hear about any soldier taking a stand on either side.

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