Friday, November 30, 2007

POLITICS: Trent Lott Gay Scandal

This was too good to pass up. This is blog news via Joe. My. God. ( via BigHeadDC (

That's right, kids, it appears there is a bit of a gay escort scandal mildly brewing about the recent resignation about Trent Lott. I don't have a lot of time to blog everything, and I'm trying my damndest to catch up with the news, but it appears that it is a young (hot) man by the name of Benjamin Nicholas, who works all over the country and has "served" many men in the US Congress.

Mr. Nicholas is denying it on his blog, 15 minutes... (, but only after a couple of rather interesting emails back and forth with the above blogger.

Despite Mr. Nicholas's scathing retort to Mike Jones' outing of Rev. Ted Haggard: You were paid for sex, Mike," he wrote in 2006. "The most important rule you can follow when taking people's money in exchange for sex is that—no matter what—their lives stay their own and whatever passes between the two of you remains private. Period." Mr. Nicholas's own quotes seem far too nudgenudgewinkwink to be real. Either he's telling us something, or he's really dumb. For example:
  • "All I can say at this point is no comment. It's the professional thing for me to do." (If there's no pre-existing prior relationship, there's no professional boundary, unless they are doing the medical thing of saying "I can't comment either way," which would be more realistic. He should have known how that comment would be construed.)
  • "As I said before, Lott has quite a bit on his plate right now and I don't really want to add fuel to the embers." (Uh-huh. Sounds like you added quite a bit of fire to his life...) Another version of this quote, perhaps a separate quote: “Trent is going through his fair share of scrutiny right now and I don’t want to add to it.” (Referring to him as Trent..?)
  • “Here’s my public comment, on-the-record: Sen. Lott and I have no current affiliation with one another. I’m sure he would appreciate no further scrutiny." (COME ON. He's got to have a PR person with him by now. I'm sure they would be telling him: YOU ARE NOT HELPING THE SITUATION.)

This, btw, is culminated by the above mentioned denial on his blog. I'm curious, though as to were the implied relationship came from. It's unfortunate that BigHeadDC may have some problems in the past with its credibility (thank you, JoeMyGod), but interesting nonetheless. And there is an interesting connection to Hustler magazine, somehow, but I'm not getting that one yet. I'm trying to read more.

Whether or not he is a call boy for Mr. Lott, his blog is REALLY interesting. Check it out.


It's sad to say...

The Ohio Smoking Ban may have claimed its first victim. My dear, dear, favorite lesbian bar in the world, Bullfishes, is, indeed, closed. Donna was a dear friend and used to be my landlord. It is sad to see it go. What makes it even worse was the suddenness of it. No one knew it was happening, she let it go peacefully without a goodbye party.

I spent many Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights there. Rarely there on Fridays or Saturdays, but I will give it up for that fabulous Pink Dress Show back in February that raised $750 for Breast Cancer charities.

*sigh* It's sad to see you go, Bullfishes.

Also, per the QCityNews blog (, it appears another one of my favorite hangouts is for sale, the Serpent. Listing price at a million dollars. Now, I've had an AWFULLY good time at the Serpent, and I really hope it will be around at LEAST for their fabulous New Year's Eve clothing optional party, but I don't think (nor does QCity) that it is work $1m, even with the rentable space upstairs. The $200,000 price sounds reasonable, but Anthony and Ford have put years and years and years of their life into that business, I'm sure there is a huge personal attachment to it. I'm almost afraid that, should the business change hands, the cops will raid the place like crazy and close down what every one goes on at Serpent for good... which, btw, would ultimately destroy the business and destroy the Northside gay scene.

Where does that leave BronZ? Or, Club BronZ (I really do need to clean up my "labels")? Well, reported to my ear from one of the best bartenders in town -- a slight uptick in business. Of course, I'm sure much of that is due to the fabulously sociable attitude Brad and John have put out there, along with the fantastic work of DJ Waves in the production of the multiple karaoke nights. It doesn't hurt, also, that it's one of the few bars in town where you can sit at a bar and have a cigarette, there on the back patio. (The owner of Little Bit Bar was scathing in her attack of their patio, as it is really kind of enclosed, but open still. Please, let us just have one place to smoke and drink. You non-smokers have enough places in town.)

See, everyone is driving across the river. I have been in Rosie's and Yadda a few times, but they have been jumping since the smoking ban occurred over here. It really annoys me that the rest of the state, and the locals, can be so callous towards local business. After all, what Cincinnati really needs, is another reason not to hang out in it.

Has anyone wondered how long this Dock/Adonis thing can go one? Rumors are flying as to which one will go first. My money, actually, is on Adonis. I think they would have been long gone had it not been for Penny Tration and her amazing abilities as the most fabulous queen in town. Of course, I would not have put money on Bella Dolce, but she seems to be holding her own. I always liked her personally, I would have never thought she could handle that big of a venue, but she's proven herself quite well on a microphone.

And finally, Below Zero? Seriously. I don't understand the crowd. Do we need two uppity gay bars in town? Universal Grille is bad enough; I've not even been to Below Zero and I already hate it. :-) But I'll go soon, Nigel, and give you a fairer review, I promise.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I was called a fag again!!!

Again, by a lesbian.

There's this girl at this bar who once came up behind me at that bar (ok, Little Bit Bar... we'll call it LBB) and slapped me upside the head REALLY HARD and said "Hey!!!" I got upset and she tried to make amends for months and months and we then had this pretty laid back and tense friendship.

So LM and I went to LBB on Saturday night to see whether or not we would enjoy the crowd. I saw this girl, and we were chatting, and then, suddenly she slaps me up side the head. I hit her back, she jumps out of her chair, puts me in a head lock and calls me a fag. Someone finally pulls her off of me, and she sits down muttering "faggot" over and over and over again.

She claims that I hit her first, but no one around me saw me strike.

Who knows? Anyways, another reason FAG should be out of my vocabulary, because lesbians think it's cool to dis gay men.

ELECTION 2008: Republican CNN/YouTube Debate

I hope you all are watching the Republican CNN/Youtube Debate.

Well, the first 5 minutes anyways.

Giuliani came out swinging, accusing Romney of running a "santuary mansion" (as opposed to a "sanctuary city" like NYC) in hiring illegal immigrants. I seriously thought Romney was going to walk over a hit Giuliani in the face.

He didn't, sadly, but it would have been funny. So, far, however, after that little bit, it got really boring and we realized that it's just a old white guy debate.

REALLY OLD, btw, Fred Thompson and John McCain.

They look ANCIENT don't they.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

CINCY GAY SCENE: Out in the City

Thanks Darren.

I am good friends with "Darren M.," well good bar-friends. He and I always seem to have the most bizarre conversations at the local bars that we frequent, whether it be BronZ or the Serpent or Bullfishes (RIP) or... have we seen each other at On Broadway? Whatever. He writes a great column for the local gay rag, QCityNews (, and I love him for it. Secretly, I'm friends with him so that he'll mention me in his column because I'm a publicity whore.

Of all things to finally write about me with...

Thank you Darren, for making sure the whole city knows that I have "tales of [my] own sexual appetites and explorations." :-)

I'm not mad; I just think it's funny that of all the things I've talked to him about -- gay social reform, politics, interactions, bars, etc. This is the one thing he finally writes about. Hey, any press is good press.

Thanks Darren.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

BLOGGING: Added to my Fav's

This will be added to my fav's here soon, but everyone knows how sad I was when "Election Projection" become a conservative blog roll on me. Well, I found my new, statistics based, non-partisan website with which to follow the elections...

Check it out!

ELECTION 2008: Primary Dates -- SAVE THEM

For the upcoming primaries... Isn't it annoying when the Dems and Reps vote no separate days??? And what's with the Wyoming Republicans slipping their primary in between IA and NH? Strange -- sounds like Cheney played with that one. And why is Michigan not getting more attention than SC? Oh right, because Obama and Edwards pulled off the ballot there. It's Clinton territory now :-).

Iowa (D/R)

Wyoming (R)

New Hampshire (D/R)

Michigan (D/R)

Nevada (D/R)
South Carolina (R)

South Carolina (D)

Florida (D/R)

Maine (R)

Alabama (D/R)
Alaska (D/R)
Arizona (D/R)
Arkansas (D/R)
California (D/R)
Colorado (D/R)
Connecticut (D/R)
Delaware (D/R)
Georgia (D/R)
Idaho (D)
Illinois (D/R)
Kansas (D)
Minnesota (D/R)
Missouri (D/R)
Montana (R)
New Jersey (D/R)
New Mexico (D)
New York (D/R)
North Dakota (D/R)
Oklahoma (D/R)
Rhode Island (R)
Tennessee (D/R)
Utah (D/R)
West Virginia (R)

Kansas (R)
Louisiana (D/R)
Nebraska (D)
Washington (D/R)
Maine (D)

Abroad (D)
Washington, DC (D/R)
Maryland (D/R)
Virginia (D/R)

Wisconsin (D/R)

Hawaii (D)

Hawaii (R)

Massachusetts (D/R)
Ohio (D/R)
Rhode Island (D)
Vermont (D/R)
Texas (D/R)

Wyoming (D)

Mississippi (D/R)

Pennsylvania (D/R)

Indiana (D/R)
North Carolina (D/R)

West Virginia (D)
Nebraska (R)

Kentucky (D/R)
Oregon (D/R)

Idaho (R)

Puerto Rico (D/R)

Montana (D)
New Mexico (R)
South Dakota (D/R)

Find your state and make sure you vote in the primaries!!!!!

POLITICS: Apparently, the Peace Activists Learned from Vietnam

No real news article to base this on...

BUT... it appears that the peace activists learned a lot from the Vietnam WAr, in respect especially to the way they treat soldiers coming home. They learned that it is inappropriate to abuse them, and understand that they are just doing their job and trying to do what's best for the country. After all, there's hardly any attacks or anti-soldier rhetoric going on. In fact, the reverse is true.

HOWEVER, it seems like the war hawks have not learned, further delving into a war for minor political aims. In fact, they've treated the vets worse than the peace activists... Walter Reid, cuts in military benefits, difficulty getting VA disability benefits, shoddy armor, lack of provisions, etc etc etc...

Funny, isn't it?

ALSO... what happens to the soldiers? It is rare that I ever hear about any soldier taking a stand on either side.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PERSONAL: Books and Music

Newly added to my life and/or read and/or downloaded...


Parasites Like Us by Adam Johnson
Story detailing the apocalypse... the end of humanity, rather... at the hands of an anthropologist. The premise is that the main character, a professor of anthropology at a small school in South Dakota, has a series of events that lead to him and his students kill off humanity. OOPS! He is writing this for future generations to understand what happened.

This was extraordinarily hard to get into, as it took about 200 pages before the point of the whole book starts coming together. No, really. Then, it wraps up in about 50 pages that makes the rest seem plausible and important. It was, however, extraordinarily easy to read.


Shopgirl by Steve Martin
(Could not get image to work properly)
The sexual and personal growth of young Miss Mirabelle, the glove counter girl at Neiman's in LA. I picked it up for two reasons: 1) Steve Martin (yes the actor) wrote it, and 2) Emmett referenced it in Queer As Folk. The story does not venture much from the above premise.

It's short, it's sweet, and it's kinda cute, though the ending rushes upon you. But that's easy to happen in a novella of 128 pages. Pretty melancholy mood throughout, but joyful at the end, and we are thankful for the joy.



Everyone knows I like musicals, right? Well, here are my two new additions to the music collection:

Legally Blonde: The Musical
Cute, whimsical, funny. Just like the original movie. Tres gay, btw. Very Very Very Very Gay -- especially with a song call "There Right There" whose chorus is "Is he Gay or European?" And the Bend and Snap will probably end up being a Kristy song :-).

Duh. Are you surprised I bought it? It's great. Fun to listen to... I am often found jamming to it down the road, though I like the stage version of "You Can't Stop the Beat" better.


Next thing to read: Brokeback Mountain. No really. I bout the 50pg story for $5.00. That's right, kids, $0.10 a page. I'm not happy about the price, but I'm excited about the story!

GENERAL STUFF: Animal Crossing

I love you mom -- this is not about my mom, btw, but it touched me.

(PS -- > I own Animal Crossing, but no one else plays it but me.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

POP CULTURE: America's Most Smartest Model

  • Bulleted List
    BTW: Needed to follow up...

    Andre from America's Most Smartest Model on VH1 is definitely the hottest guy on earth, esp when he's angry. That yummy Soviet, I bet, is mean -- like, really, mean and hateful -- in bed. :-)

    And just in case you don't know who he is:
    (Pic, btw, comes from the WeLoveGuys Blog, which has now been added to my Fav's).


    HA. I mispelled his name on the blog below, so if you search for Andre Birleneau in Google, you only get my blog. SWEET!!!!! (His last name is:Birleanu).

    Doesn't it seem like his nipples are really high?


So I wanna just preface my next blog, which may be a few days in coming, with a little bit of background:

I have promised never to use the word "fag" or "dyke" again. Why? Because over the last month I've heard them used by queerfolk in anger and hatred to or about other queerfolk.

1) At a bar in Cbus, I was called a fag by a lesbian who jumped in front of me in line. Instead of ignoring my joking and sarcastic spiel, she decided to unlease a string of vitriole (sp?) including above word at me.

2) At a bar in Oxford, the guy I had earlier in the day been on a date with called a good friend of mine a fag ... when I objected, he then proceded to try and justify the usage -- as if it were ever ok when you use it negatively.

So, since we queerfolk cannot use the word properly -- in a campy and humorous manner only amongst ourselves and instead decide that we are going to fill the world with more hate than we already have -- I am striking the word from my life. This is about respect and the realization that maybe, just maybe, that word may mean something other than an insult.

And, using it as a way to attack someone's gender expression or their sexual expression... well, that's just against the movement isn't it...

Wait for Part 2...

PERSONAL: It's been a while

The new job has begun and though, somewhere around 4am while I'm in the hospital I'm always thinking "I should blog," I have yet to do so.

Bright side: TOTALLY cute doctors and nurses; and I'm totally in crush with one of my coworkers :-).

Bad side: My circadian rhythms are funny these days.

Third shift is for the dogs... but I'm awfully good at my job.