Friday, November 30, 2007

POLITICS: Trent Lott Gay Scandal

This was too good to pass up. This is blog news via Joe. My. God. ( via BigHeadDC (

That's right, kids, it appears there is a bit of a gay escort scandal mildly brewing about the recent resignation about Trent Lott. I don't have a lot of time to blog everything, and I'm trying my damndest to catch up with the news, but it appears that it is a young (hot) man by the name of Benjamin Nicholas, who works all over the country and has "served" many men in the US Congress.

Mr. Nicholas is denying it on his blog, 15 minutes... (, but only after a couple of rather interesting emails back and forth with the above blogger.

Despite Mr. Nicholas's scathing retort to Mike Jones' outing of Rev. Ted Haggard: You were paid for sex, Mike," he wrote in 2006. "The most important rule you can follow when taking people's money in exchange for sex is that—no matter what—their lives stay their own and whatever passes between the two of you remains private. Period." Mr. Nicholas's own quotes seem far too nudgenudgewinkwink to be real. Either he's telling us something, or he's really dumb. For example:
  • "All I can say at this point is no comment. It's the professional thing for me to do." (If there's no pre-existing prior relationship, there's no professional boundary, unless they are doing the medical thing of saying "I can't comment either way," which would be more realistic. He should have known how that comment would be construed.)
  • "As I said before, Lott has quite a bit on his plate right now and I don't really want to add fuel to the embers." (Uh-huh. Sounds like you added quite a bit of fire to his life...) Another version of this quote, perhaps a separate quote: “Trent is going through his fair share of scrutiny right now and I don’t want to add to it.” (Referring to him as Trent..?)
  • “Here’s my public comment, on-the-record: Sen. Lott and I have no current affiliation with one another. I’m sure he would appreciate no further scrutiny." (COME ON. He's got to have a PR person with him by now. I'm sure they would be telling him: YOU ARE NOT HELPING THE SITUATION.)

This, btw, is culminated by the above mentioned denial on his blog. I'm curious, though as to were the implied relationship came from. It's unfortunate that BigHeadDC may have some problems in the past with its credibility (thank you, JoeMyGod), but interesting nonetheless. And there is an interesting connection to Hustler magazine, somehow, but I'm not getting that one yet. I'm trying to read more.

Whether or not he is a call boy for Mr. Lott, his blog is REALLY interesting. Check it out.

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