Thursday, March 26, 2009

Community Events

I have a lot to cover today, so I'll try to make it through it all. I'm also updating my events calendar (to the right of your screen) to reflect these changes:

April 6th-10th, Miami University Awareness Week
Spectrum's (MU's LGBTQ Alliance) week-long series of talks, events, and concerts. I don't have the details on it -- sorry! -- oh, but they do :-). The only note is that there has been the addition of the Pride Parade and the Drag Show has been moved to the 17th of April.

March 26-29
Xavier's theater department will be doing a four show run of the internationally renowned showed, Angels in America. No invitation for me to review though :-(. It's ok. I'm busy. LOL.

Tuesday, April 7, 12:30pm
UC Rally for a full time LGBTQ Coordinator on campus, from their Facebook event: "The University of Cincinnati LGBTQ Students have been told by the Administration that they support All Kinds of Diversity. We have yet to see this support because while we have been given a “permanent” space it is very small and is not adequate for our needs. Also we have not received funding for a full time staff person. It is time to show the administration the support that we have for our community and show them that we need THEIR support for us." I think I'll talk about this in greater detail later.

Friday, March 27, 9:00pm
The Contemporary Arts Center is putting on one of their fabulous parties -- this one entitled spin -- from their Facebook event: "Join us as the CAC finishes the Final Friday circuit! The hottest ticket in town will be the CAC’s Contemporary Fridays re-imagined. On the final Friday of each month* the CAC will cater to this city’s vibrant population of art and night life enthusiasts. With both the Store and the galleries remaining open until 9 pm, downtown devotees can shop and stroll to their hearts’ content. Those with energy to spare can stay for the after party starting at 9pm when the CAC’s Kaplan Hall turns into Cincinnati’s hippest club. This month it is hosted by PROJECMILL**! PROJECTMILL orchestrates amazing multi-sensory dance parties at the Northside Tavern every month as part of their DMF series. Who knows what to expect when they bring their creative energy to the CAC?! —the party won’t stop until 1 am."

Friday, April 10th, 8:00pm
I actually got an email from darling Jori C. on this one, though I lost it so I have to default back to their Facebook event: "The Coochie Chronicles comes in the tradition of the Vagina Monologues. The Coochie Chronicles is a frank, melodic, exploration into the sexuality, lives, politics, stereotypes, and realities of women of color." I am as yet undecided on my attendance, but I think I might actually go!

Saturday, July 11, 6:00pm
Darling Montgomery's next public showing at Scott Knox's foyer at 6:00pm. Again, defaulting to the Facebook event. Sorry, the information is so much more concise!!

And I really want to make sure you all remember two major events supporting two very important organizations in the Cincy area coming up very soon...
Also: next Pride Meeting is on 4/14 at 7:00pm at the New Spirit MCC

If you have an event you would like posted/pimped -- clearly I'm not talking about them much any more, as they are coming in so quickly -- just shoot me an email at or send me a Facebook invite.

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