Sunday, March 15, 2009

ZOMG, I think I'm one of those crazy "homosexual activists"

Hmm... I choose hotels by whether or not they have pay-per-view, hardcore pornography.

From the CCV website in regards to the Butler County Children's Services controvery:
What’s best for the children clearly is not the concern of the ACLU and homosexual activists. They accused Fox of violating the “rights” of same-sex couples and single parents. Such lack of concern for the children is true to character for the ACLU and the activists whom they represent.
What I didn't know, but the CCV has more than willingly informed me, was that we have the support of two of the three members of the Butler County Commission who also feel the law is a tad egregious. So, thanks to Commissioner Charles Furmon:
“It’s [this policy's]not proper and, obviously, we don’t agree with it.”
And also thanks to Commissioner Greg Jolivette for their support of LGBT couples.

(Link to their action alert)

Also from CCV, apparently the Equal Housing and Employment Act, a law designed to protect LGBT folks in Ohio from discrimination in housing and employment, is about quotas. This is what CCV is telling people about EHEA:
· Employers will be coerced into establishing quotas for those who identify themselves as homosexual, bisexual or transgendered.
· In their hiring practices, churches will be required to prove that they do not discriminate against persons whose lifestyles are contrary to church beliefs.
· Students who believe that homosexual behaviors are contrary to Biblical teaching would be forced to remain silent or risk being criticized, ostracized and penalized.
I actually don't think those are in the law, but thanks for stretching the truth, Burress/et al.

As of right now, I think only the gay bloggers have talked about it, along with an action alert from Equality Ohio. So...

...I'm totally taking credit for being a homosexual activist this morning.


Anonymous said...

Burress is actually a self-confessed former porn addict. Pretty creepy guy.

The Seeker said...

Greg is a good guy. We went to the same high school, and he actually graduated with my sister I believe...