Friday, March 20, 2009

No more Mrs. Nice Guy

I think it's funny that they are blaming the "radical feminists" on this, and not, you know, the growing presence of women in male-dominated arenas, and perhaps the need to respect them.

From LifeSiteNews:
Officials of the European Union have issued a booklet for EU Parliamentary staff, saying that the use of "Miss" and "Mrs" for women, as well as such terms as "statesman" and "fireman," are to be banned on the grounds that they are "sexist."

Any honorifics that distinguish between a married and an unmarried woman in any language are to be banned as well, including "Madame" and "Mademoiselle," "Frau" and "Fraulein," "Senora" and "Senorita." Instead, staff are asked not to use any form of honorific and merely to address women by their names.

"Gender-specific" terms, such as "statesman," are to be replaced with gender-free alternatives, such as "political leader."

What is the possibility of a website just making up information and running with it? Can we do that?

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