Monday, March 23, 2009

Genre Magazine Ceases Publication

Gay monthly Genre is ceasing publication, citing the ongoing recession.
"We thank all of our readers, advertisers and editorial staff for their support throughout our more than 16-year history and hope that we can re-establish our relationship when times are better," company CEO David Unger said in a statement.
On another note, it's interesting when New York Magazine cites Towleroad as their source. It's starting to look rough out there for the print media, isn't it? The question I have, of course, is if we replace "real" media... what are we left with?

The democratization of information comes with a whole new mess of issues -- chief among them is reliability. 


J. Clarence said...

I'm kind of sad to see the magazine go. The reality is with so much of everything online print just seems like an additional unnecessary expense.

I'm a bit more optimistic, because I think so much of it is contextual. We are in a serious recession so some business are naturally going to fail.

As for newspapers, this is survival of fittest, extreme style. The newspapers that are best able to adapt to the new environment, restructure their operation's model, will come out at the top. And those that do not will fall to the way aside. Eventually new companies will spring up that fill their place.

It's the 'natural' order of things.

I think it is giving the Internet too much credit, to suggest that it will be the nail in the coffin, after all radio is still around.

valereee said...

I, too, worry about the 'real' media -- that is, trained journalists who have served an apprenticeship under the supervision of experienced veteran -- being supplanted by amateurs. How can we know whom to trust when we know first hand that ANYONE can start a blog?