Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gay Pride News!

I am so thrilled and excited and pumped to announce this...
Oxford Gay Pride Parade
This Parade is for all members of the LGBTQ community and others who support not only our rights, but the civil rights of all human beings--better known as "Allies". This is an opportunity for us to display our Pride through a loving and peaceful march across campus.

Bring your fiercest pumps, beat your mugs (wear make-up), snatch your wigs, bring signs/posters, and get ready stomp like Naomi down the runway!
That's right, folks, Oxford is having their first ever gay pride parade!!! I couldn't be happier if I had planned it myself. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th between 4:30pm to 5:30pm. The parade will go through the Phi Delta gates at the corner of High and Campus, continue down the slant walk, and end at MacMillan Hall. It's a short route, but I have no doubt they have lots of stuff planned.

It's being organized by Spectrum and the gay grad group -- HAVEN. Check out the Facebook event page.

In other gay pride news, I might point this little bit out: I am officially killing the NKY Pride 2010 rumors until further notice. I just don't think it's happening, kids. This is how I imagine it went:
Person 1 at a meeting (P1): You know, we should do this in NKY.
Person 2 at a meeting (P2): Yea, that'd be great!
P1: But not this year.
P2: Nah... but we could start planning for 2010.
P1: YEA! What do you think about... (random details)

Later, at a bar:

P1 (or 2): Guess what we're doing?
Person three, a friend or acquaintance or potential trick
(P3): What?
P1/2: We're planning gay pride for NKY in 2010.
P3: OMG! What a great idea! I should tell people about this!
And so it goes. Usually my snoops have been able to dig up some dirt here and there, but nothing has come up, not even the most minor biscuit of information.

I am, thus, killing this as nothing unless you can prove otherwise.

Oh, and the new GLCC website launched. It's a lot easier to remember, this time around, rather than the five word address they used to have.


Anonymous said...

Hey Barry:

As far as NKY Pride 2010 goes. I belive the past rumours were just that rumours. BUT I am going to pick up the mantle. Seriously. I will be in contact with the Mayor's Office and City Comminsiones of Covington within the next week to see if Covington will Host the event.

I will keep you updated.


Michael Chanak Jr said...

Go Wolfie.

Yup - I never liked that long domain name for the - is a heck of a lot easier for this queen to remember.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sweet relief everyone! Woofie is gonna take care of everything for next year! We can all relax and enjoy. I am sure it will have quite a fetching theme to boot!

Jere Keys said...

Oh no she didn't. Is this the same anonymous who recently criticized people for bashing the pride theme by saying "just trying to lend a voice of appreciation and support in a negative world" and "I'm just tired of hearing the whining from the likes of you - bitch"?

Way to stick to a principled stand of faithful support for those who are making an effort.

Jere Keys said...

Is this the same anonymous who said "In the final analysis, we need at some point to let go of the temptation to bitch and be supportive of each other and supportive of those in the community who are volunteering and trying to pull this off."?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't noticed, the whole notion of getting Pride 2010 going now is intented as a huge insult to those working on 2009. It's a "fuck you, we're building our own fort." It is not an altruistic effort -- it is spiteful. Those with energy to burn ought to think about pitching in on the '09 effort -- much to be done.

Anonymous said...

I truly ecpect nothing else from someone who's such a coward that they won't post their name. (Even though IP Adresses are recorded I am sure)

If you don;t like me thats fine.

But DON'T TROLL on Barry's blog boards.

Show some class.....ass

Jere Keys said...

Oh, no! Someone has come along and thought, "I can do that better and more effectively." Call out the national guard, it must be stopped!

Look, Pride is rooted it ANGER and PROTEST at the status quo. In 40 years, it has gone from an angry reminder of the indignities of oppression (as symbolized in the Stonewall Riots) to corporate holiday and PR stunt. If Wolfie wants to launch another Pride celebration from a sense of anger and frustration at the status quo, what's wrong with that?

You positions, anonymous, are inconsistent with your own better angels, and this dismissive attack on Wolf reeks of nothing so much as apologetics on behalf of the current Pride committee. I don't dislike the Pride committee, individually or as a group, but you seem unreasonably determined to prop them up as heroes and shield them from attack. Why are you so protective of the status quo? What do you gain from the current structure?

Anonymous said...

I have zero invested in the current structure. As a matter of fact, I am ALL FOR Northern Kentucky Pride in 2010 -- I am even willing to allow that it be THE regional Pride obervance next year.

I think having N.Ky. next year could be a wonderful way both to bring the N.Ky. and Cincy gay communities together, and at the same time give the change of pace many -- including the current Pride Committee -- are seeking.

Fact is, however, there already is a N.Ky. Pride in 2010 movement. A rep is attending the next Cincy Pride meeting. They are seeking, and they will get cooperation. Amazing what a little respect for the work others are putting in will do.

But this rouge effort which seems to be all about bashing Cincy Pride and turning the community against itself -- that is what I object to. Enough poison. Let's take care of Pride '09, then move on to lend a hand to those who legitmately take up the mantle.

Anonymous said...


You say you aren't in the Pride Committe

Then you nake all these statements like you are.

IF this is true why doesn't Mother know about it who really is on the Pride Committe?

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Hon - Mother needs to swap her name to Grannie - goddess willing I will turn 60 on 10/21/09. That's my way to saying I can't keep up with you!

Oh the Pride 2009 forms are up for festival, parade and sponsorship at Pride Forms 2009.

A fellow did call from NKY Pride - a Ron Padgett.
Said he'd be at the next meeting upcoming Tuesday. He has a business, here's that web page:

Anonymous said...

Thnak you mother.

I'll get in touch with him and see what the skinny is.


Anonymous said...

Well Mother Thnakies again

I sent an email to adress on the site and it bounced back 2x's and then I called and left a message.

I have contacted the Mayor of Covington and one of the City Commisioners and I am thinking of a tentative date of one of the first 2 weekends in June not to conflict with Cincy. The domain name and hoting has been purchsed, EIN has been set, and Non-Profut Status is in the works.

Hopefully Mr. Padgett will return my call. So indeed it does look like Northern KY will have a Pride Event next year......maybe 2!

Anonymous said...

Call was returned!

Everything is straightened out!

Now lets look forward to Nothern Kentucky Pride 2010!

I'll be poting about it on my blog later!


Ron Padgett said...

Alrighty kids....Please allow me to put all rumors to rest. YES!! There has been a committee formed to organize a Pride 2010 celebration in Covington. This is in no way any sort of statement about any other pride around us. Covington is an extremely gay friendly town and we just want to celebrate our own community. Not to mention, 3 of our committee members are on the Cincinnati Pride committee. I have talked to Will (aka Wolfie) and have invited him on board. 2010 will be a great pride celebration for Covington, Northern Kentucky and all of our friends from up north! Will be posting more details as they develop!

Anonymous said...

"This is in no way any sort of statement about any other pride around us."

God bless us, every one.

Barry Floore said...

Ron, darling, if you would like to make any announcements regarding NKY Pride 2010 -- announcing dates or whatever -- let me, of course, offer the space here for you to speak.