Thursday, March 19, 2009

When E-mails Get Out

From the Hayword...

An anonymous parent sent this letter out to parents at Castro Valley High School in response to an ordained lesbian speaking to their class about coming out of the closet. The speech was part of a two day celebration known as Diversity Day which, as the newsstory notes, also included information one what it's like to be Japanese American, a foster kid, and a cowboy (which, in California, you can be all four in one!!! Foster gay, Japanese cowboys unite!)

Unfortunately, this parent missed the point and shot of their mouth and, instead, decided to come out as a complete asshole, instead.
CVHS Parent Alert

Concerned Parents, Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time to WAKE UP!

After yet another day of devastation in today’s society that is me trying to preserve my job, house and family, tonight at dinner my CVHS student tells me that his math class was interrupted by a guest speaker for the first time this year. This speaker starts out describing herself as a pastor at Eden Church of Hayward. Then she immediately goes into some tirade about being gay and transgender and coming out of the closet.

I am thinking didn’t I just sign like 5 permission slips from Health Class on just how much brainwashing I am willing to accept being inflicted on my impressionable child at this young age. How much control I am willing to give up so that I can focus on surviving the enormity of events that occur daily that can sink the best of us into giving up.

Now I find out that the influence of the gay agenda at CVHS is much worse than I had been led to believe. I already knew that most of my child’s teachers were gay. So what else is new? The hysteria over Proposition 8 has gone so far past tolerance now that outright brainwashing is the new new plan to influence future voters. As a lifelong bay area resident I have become accustomed to the constant barrage in all media about gay parade this and gay everything that. I have got a news flash for you. Some people are more concerned about keeping their jobs, homes and families together than worrying about whether every gay person in the bay area is treated perfectly every minute of every day.

Guess what we are all mistreated everyday! My parents mistreated me. The last cop that gave me a ticket mistreated me. The punk rocker with his IPod in his ear that gave me my coffee at Starbucks this morning mistreated me. The Governor, Legislature, County Board of Supervisors, School Board, Sanitary Board and even the Neighborhood Watch guy mistreated me ten times in the last five minutes and I don’t even know it yet.

So I am asking why is math class interrupted for the gay mantra, because the pendulum has swung too far yet again. On one side we are never allowed to have an abortion even if it kills you and on the other we are constantly pressured to think politically correct or we are labeled as some type of intolerant ogre.

I am really getting sick of all this. Can’t I just raise my family the best way I know how? Can’t I teach my child that the middle of the road is OK. That you do not have to sacrifice your life for some extremist cause because that is what the establishment is pressuring me and my child to do.

This slide show presentation in math class today was over the top. The kids were given step by step instructions on how to become gay and transsexual. They were given a list of websites to visit some of which were so disgusting that they should be labeled porn sites. How many other classes has this occurred in? How long has this been going on? Where is the oversight? Did CVHS Principal Pete Alverez sanction this or is the situation beyond his control and sanctioned by the CV School Board. Call and ask himat 510-537-5910 ext. 3801

I do not know about all of you parents but this is not the Continued Excellence as we were promised in the last election just four months ago.

Something needs to be changed!

Concerned CVHS Parent
You know, I wish, as a kid, someone had put a PowerPoint up with step-by-step instructions on how to be gay. It would have made my 12th-17th years of life a tad easier ... well, definitely my 12th-14th years of life.

I wonder how the kids felt about it; I mean, before their parents told them how they felt about it.
I can't wait for Day of Silence when these nutjobs and half-wits come out of the woodwork and scream about gay people forcing their agenda down their throats. Sweetheart, when I participated in Day of Silence and gay things in High School (rarely), I can promise you it was not an agenda I was thinking about shoving down anyone's throats.

And yes, you will note, it is the Castro Valley High School Trojans. What is it with California and their condom names? HA! I once thought USC (Cali) and USC (Carolina) should play each other and shirts should be made that said: "Your Trojans can't hold our Cocks."

Get it? It's a sex joke. Ha. Right. Um. That's all.


F6's Editor said...

Im too busy laughing to comment with some clarity so I just wanted to say awesome commentary at the end!

What a crazy b***h! Does she realize she almost filed the complaint against her for a Child Protection review herself?

Im going to laugh when she has a coronary over her children coming out of the closet with a broom and a cauldron.

Anonymous said...

ummm...i think they did play in the 80's...and i think that was the t-shirt that was sold.

i also believe i told you about that.

Anonymous said...

man this was such a big deal at my school. it was hella annoying...