Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Transgender Day of Visibility

I actually don't know if anything is going on here in town, except for Kate Bornstein at Xavier University tomorrow, but I think that's more incidental than planned.

From the PrideSource article:
"I went on Facebook and I was thinking...whenever I hear about our community, it seems to be from Remembrance Day which is always so negative because it's about people who were killed," Crandall, who heads up Transgender Michigan, recalled. "So one night I couldn't sleep and I decided why don't I try to do something about that.
"I thought, 'why doesn't someone do it?' Then I thought, 'why isn't that someone me?'"


Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance, Crandall said, the day of visibility aims to focus on all the good things in the trans community, instead of just remembering those who were lost. "The day of remembrance is exactly what it is. It remembers people who died," she said. "This focuses on the living. People have told me they love Remembrance Day but it really focuses on the negative aspect of it. Isn't there anything that could focus on the positive aspect of being trans?"
It's a beautiful thing. Anyone know of anything else going on in town? In the meantime, it's good to remember that we're all a little trans -- after all, do you conform 100% to the expected norms of your sex? Or, do you fulfill the roles you feel are right for you? Clearly, trans-identity is more than this, but it's a good place to start thinking about how your own gender affects your life and your interactions with the world.

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