Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Got into a discussion today with one of my new favorite fellow students about whether gaydar exists. I told him I thought he was gay. He said no, he's not, but aren't I cute? LOL.

If gaydar exists, mine is broken.

This is from 60 Minutes, it's a really strange study, especially the gender rhetoric they seem to be using. Apparently, gay men can only be femme, and straight men can only be masculine. Thank god, they said "it's never 100%." Right. A little bit of redemption.

(Although the final male voice, I think was more gayer than she let on. The inflection was so queer.)

Anyways, what do y'all think? And does anyone know where this is coming from?

PS. . . Two things:
1) Great, let's start gender stereotyping our kids very young. "Physical differences." Thanks, 60 minutes for your ongoing, in depth reporting.

2) My boss said once we can't use "gaydar" as a risk factor unless there is some scientific evidence it exists. Well, there you go.

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