Monday, August 18, 2008

POP CULTURE: J'accuse (also: Tiffany Pollard is a god awful bitch)

Watched a bit of VH1's new "New York goes to Hollywood," following the life of young Ms. New York (aka Tiffany Pollard) attempting to go from reality star and celebrity wanna be to actress.

It's to laugh and it's awful.

She's disgusting, loud, annoying, and stupid. Who the hell wants to sleep with this woman; and, like Flava Flav, who can stand to listen to that obnoxious voice for more than 2 seconds? I was willing to watch the two seasons of I Love New York because of the cadre of beautiful mensfolk. But this... well, this will be one reality show I'm missing...

And from the old blogs... It's funny because they mention New York specifically when the Flava of Love first came on:

j'accuse VH1 and MTV ... (date:1-1-06)

...for creating a cult of personality (VH1 even openly admits it -- glorifies it in song).

It makes me sick. Do I care about how Class B stars are living their lives? Do I care that a whole bunch of women are going after Flava Flav -- cuz I'm sure they think he's cute (bleh)? Do I care that the Hogans have an expensive home and Hulk is a little creepy and roid-ish? Do I care that Countess Vaughan or Bizarre are fat? No, thank you. You know why? Cuz the only reason any of you fools are doing these damned shows is because you ain't making any money. LOL -- Janice Dickinson even admited the only reason she was on the Surreal Life was for the money. I'm sorry. You were famous, you were fabulous, and now you suck. MC Hammer doesn't do D-Class car insurance commercials cuz he's cool, it's cuz he's washed up. Period.

And why are most of these people famous? And why are most people famous these days? It amuses me when you look at the bylines for so many stars and it says "celebrity" or "socialite" or "tv personality." Like when Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Nicole Ritchie -- what and what? And Ryan is listed as a CNN CORRESPONDENT? God I got sick from that. What have these people done? For god's sake, at least Angelina is doing something. The rest of you... go away until you get some talent.

Oh and reality TV stars should never ever be allowed on the red carpet.


update on "j'accuse" (dated 1-1-06)

Aight, so I just caught a bit of the flavor of love -- you know, with flava flav picking his woman.
and the quote of the evening...

"I think New York [that's the girl's name, from a girl named Pumkin... or Cherry... or Goldie... or Rain... or some other god-awful something] is here for the wrong reasons."

I'm sorry, is there a right reason?

On the bright side, looks like Flav is trying to make some sort of line for people to use. See, instead of roses, he's giving out clocks for the girls to wear around their necks (classy).

"Yo, you know what time it is."

Yea, if I ever say that seriously, shoot me.

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