Sunday, April 20, 2008

BLOGGING: New bloggers!

You'll notice, if you're paying attention, that I've added three new blogs to the blogroll on the left side of your page. A brief description:

  • Divas Never Die -- "The life and times of a middle aged D-list diva." -- A local blog, based out of Mainstrasse in Newport, KY, written by a drag queen "getting on in years." :-) She's funny and delicious -- and the flicks of all the pretty boys she's got going on, well... to quote a dear friend, "I'm all juicy."
  • Trevor Hoppe -- mentioned him in a previous blog. Some people around me will read his bio and immediately think of another local pretty boy whom I have often commented that his looks are getting him everywhere because his actions sure aren't -- HA! -- but Trevor seems to actually have something to say.
  • Texas Liberal -- former Cincinnatian who has me on their blogroll -- YEA! -- so I went over and checked it out and it seems to be right up my ally -- I love it! And it seems that he and I blog similarly. :-)

Anyways, you know me, I'm a big softy for being linked from other blogs, so I got giddy when I saw Locavore, Queen City Survey, and Texas Liberal had added me to their blogrolls. I appreciate it, guys. :-)


valereee said...

You're always on my blogroll! It updates when you update, so each new post gets you a new, um, outing. :D

Barry Floore said...

Valeree, you're the best... although that is, truly, a terrifying picture you have there. I have forgone a picture because my face is unfortunate LOL!!! (JK -- I've had a really good morning a little health self-deprecating humor is AWESOME)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Its good to have some Cincinnati blogging connections. Please keep in touch and I'll keep checking out your shop.