Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PERSONAL: What happened...

Valeree over at Cincinnati Locavore asked what the other project was, and I'm not going to say so much except that I started a new blog that I think was coming from a bad place (it's deleted now).

And I realized, I think, that dwelling on your unhappiness only perpetuates it.

That when you have nothing else and you can't seem to say or do anything right, you have to rely on the one thing you know that you have...

Thank you CF, TY, MF, AM, TM&J, LM, AA, LH, and others.

It's still not easy, but it will get better.

UPDATE: My clients at one of my jobs yesterday said I was in an annoyingly happy mood -- indeed, every group I ran seemed to be about happiness and sunshine. Seriously, I've got to stop hanging out with happy people in my spare time. I'm much better when I'm dark and mysterious.

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