Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Oxford, Season 5, Ends

April 11th, 2008 saw the end of the fifth season of the Oxford show. I started this crazy shit five years ago, above and beyond the better judgment of my organization (Spectrum), and it's grown into this crazy exciting and wonderful thing that now involves so many talented and wonderful people, some of whom I fight with and some of whom do my bidding. :-) But somehow, we manage to pull off an amazing show that makes everyone happy and ends up being one of the best things going in town -- and one of the few things I know for sure I've done right in my life.

We raised $2500 for Equality Ohio's educational PAC, via the ISQCCBE!!!!! Guess what? That means we raised over $10,000 for charity in this season!!!! That's huge!!!!

Thank you to everyone for all the support! And thanks to everyone who came to see it, and especially thanks to everyone who performed. All -- all -- of you are amazing!

And now for some pictures!

First of all, welcome to our newest members of the House of O (our own local sisterhood)?:

Brooklyn Steele Tate, Roman Hands, Coco Bliss (Hernandez?), Vivica LaCroix, and Misty Riviera
And to our beautiful and wonderful performers:

That's Buster Hymen, Ben Dover, Clitty McPhearson, Vivica LaCroix (that bitch is so fierce...), Roxy Monroe (in her first performance!!!), Mistress Toinette (in her first performance!!!!), Coco Bliss, Princess P. Cock (in her first performance!!), Spreads McLoven (in his first performance!!!), Jazmine Delicious, Davey Cockett, Anita Sativa, Dick Zenya, and Tyese Reinz (in her first time on the Oxford stage)! (Not pictured: first time perfomer "Hot Rod" Remington)
And, of course...

Kristy Kay Karolina (that's me! :-))

Thanks to all who came out and support and showed their love! *MUAH* MAMA LOVES YOU ALL!!!!!

(And join us at Balcony Bar next year for season six)


Dan said...

Interesting, my cousin's partner was there that night. He was telling me about it on Saturday.

Welcome Back!

Barry Floore said...

Did he enjoy it??? :-) Come up next year Dan! I'll put you on my VIP list -- ie, I'll make fun of you in the crowd.

Dan said...

Oh, he said they had a great time. He had been before. And I thought he said he didn't get home until like 5:00 am.

Barry Floore said...

Darling, dan, I think we know of each other indirectly.

I think I know who you're talking about ... did he also attend the Pink Dress Show last year???