Monday, April 28, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: New Stage Collective

In my desire to become more involved with my city, I learned one of my coworkers at the hospital, in addition to being a season ticket holder to several local arts organizations like the Cincy Ballet and CCM, volunteered for the New Stage Collective. I've always been impressed with this group, along with other local theatre organizations like ETC, so I asked her to shoot me an email with information on how to volunteer. She takes the information and tells me that the season is almost over, but let me see, they were doing something this summer...

I don't think she expected the QUEENY response, the twitching, jumping, and gasping, I gave her. I tried to express to her the importance of the song I Don't Want to Fucking Dance, especially to a drag queen, but it looks like that is on my plate for the summer. Info from the New Stage Collective website about the event:

NSC is thrilled to present the regional premiere of the sensational, award-winning musical Jerry Springer: The Opera. The only work in British history to win Best Musical in all of their major awards: Olivier Awards, Critic's Choice, Evening Standard, and What's On Stage - along with many other awards, Jerry Springer: The Opera is a fascinating mix of the highest form of art and the lowest form of culture - opera and daytime television. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, Jerry Springer: The Opera presents a series of unusual characters that each are desperate for their “Jerry Springer moment." In Act 1, we attend a particularly dramatic taping of Springer’s show. In Act 2, we find Jerry hosting in a very different place as he is forced to experience the worst day of his life, and his guests take the level of debate to operatic heights.

“I remain convinced that this is a musical with a touch of genius about it. It’s filthy, it’s funny, it’s brilliantly original and, taken all in all, about as much fun as you are likely to have with your clothes on. A unexpectedly moving, thrilling, truly ground-breaking hit.”
-The Daily Telegraph

“Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee’s rhapsodic look at talk-show trashiness has the power to exhilarate that you associate with old-style Broadway musicals. Caricaturing or condemning reality television is easy; finding the emotional hunger behind the same phenomenon and translating it into witty, oddly moving music is genius.” -The New York Times

Show goes on June 26-August 13. I'm going, and I'll probably be volunteering. Who's with me???

And, for the uninitiated, this is the song:

(And no, the movie bits are not part of the stage show.)

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