Monday, April 28, 2008

ELECTION 2008: A divided house...

I said this a long time ago: that a protacted and extended presidential primary for the Democratic nomination will be good for the Democratic party. In fact, as the numbers are turning out, my guess was correct -- that it would allow us to organize and fuel Democratic grassroots organizations in states we had long termed "lost" or are "losing" -- ie, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. etc. etc.

And all this bickering will go away, and I'm not alone in this feeling:

"Most families -- loving families even -- have fights," said Robert Rankin of
Carson, a leader of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. "As they realize
what the greater good is, most families come together. Whatever happens,
[Democrats] will come together. I just believe that."
(That's from this LA Times article)

Even though some are screaming doomsday for the Democrats... is anyone really paying attention to John McCain???

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