Monday, April 28, 2008

MIAMI UNIVERSITY: Office of LGBT Services and it's future

The piece below from the Facebook Group Get Your Asses in Gear for Leslie Morrow (tell me if this link doesn't work) -- written by TY. Leslie is my dear friend, and I love love love her to death. And anyone in Oxford or at Miami who even strokes the gay community (ha, the double entendre is intended -- she gets all the gossip) knows Leslie and knows what an amazing job she does.
For all the time, love and support Leslie has given Miami University, we owe her at least our support to keep her job.

The Situation: Miami is conducting interviews for the Coodinator of LGBT Services THIS WEEK. After working years to create the momentum and organizational structure for an inclusive campus with services and support for LGBTQ students from the ground up herself, Miami is repaying Leslie by offering her position to three other candidates.

What You Can Do About It:
1. Attend the candidate interviews and participate by asking questions. (Monday 4/28 @ 3.45pm in 336 Shriver; Tuesday 4/29 @ 3.45pm in 336 Shriver; Thursday 5/1 @ 3.45 Leslie will be interviewed in Shriver MPR-C; Friday 5/2 @ 3.45pm in CAB room 50).
2. Share your experiences of Leslie and support her THURSDAY @ 3.45PM IN SHRIVER MPR-C!!!
3. WRITE A LETTER explaining how Leslie has already embodied all of the criteria for which the interview committee is searching. Share an anecdote. Spill your heart. Tell them how Leslie has let you ring! Address and forward it to the head of the committee, Christina Rene' Carrubba-Whetstine ( or send it via campus mail.
(QitC addition: the snail mail addy is
Rinella Learning Center
Campus Avenue Building, 16
Oxford, OH 45056)

For a friend, mentor, adviser, and kick-ass woman! Silence is deadly on this one guys -- we're going to bat for Leslie because you KNOW how many times she's been there to bat for each of us.

She has been an inspiration to me in everything I do, and I know that she not only loves her job but has a great passion for the work. And she does it with it purpose. Without her, I would not be here today, and Miami would be a far and distant and fading awful memory. I was one of the many many many alone gay kids who sat in the corner of the Spectrum meetings (crying quietly) who she reached out to. The moment she shook my hand, I knew I had found home.

And I know I don't speak alone on this one. If you are Miami alum or current student or know anything about Leslie, please please please write immediately. It's very important.

From the letter I sent (I'm not posting off of it, but I wanted to make sure that you knew how important this woman is to so many of us):
Six years ago, she shook my hand and made me feel welcome. Ask anyone who comes into her office and says "I just need someone to talk to." Despite any drama or event going on that day, she will shut the door and talk. To this day, she is allowing so many young LGBT persons finally have a reason to call Mother Miami home.
(Oh, and, yes, I did create a new category. We're going to be keeping up to date with Miami from now on)

Leslie and Kristy/QitC at one of the Oxford shows

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