Sunday, April 27, 2008


AH! My camera takes awful pictures, for some reason.

Briefly: GLSEN's prom was a blast. We had a great time, and the Contemporary Arts Center (where it was held) was PERFECT. And the food, well, I felt like I was at Top Chef: Cincinnati. At one point, SJ and I were talking and he was pointing out the various delicious foods on the tables (which I didn't eat -- I'm afraid of new food -- LOL), and I heard the words "watermelon-tomato gestapo" (THE GOOD BOY and I are still debating what a gestapo is, but now we have a point of reference even if we don't know what it is) and "tomato-feta martini," and "split pee soup shot" -- well, though there was a lot of food that I did enjoy, I was impressed by the quality that was being served.

And, of course, the funniest/cutest moment was when the Jazz singer -- Saba Smith, who was excellent -- started singing a Sarah McLaughlin song, all the lesbians -- and I mean, all the lesbians -- got up and started dancing together. I tried to get a picture of the wonderful moment, but my camera sucks. Of 35-40 pictures I took, only about 6 came out perfectly clear, and only 10 (total) were salvageable. :-( I'm sorry.

But let me share some:

On Left: Josh Wagoner, Doug Meredith, QitC, Dan Mees -- the fabulous fabulous GLSEN boys who do

At Right: Jill Benavides and QitC -- my dear friend with her parasol, who also planned the event

Congratulations, it was a good time.

PS -- And we ended up at Club BronZ afterward, where LH was exploding drunkenly around the bar. LH came up to THE GOOD BOY and, within five minutes, had used these most fabulous words: "Look, my ass is a disco ball! And my dress is see through in sunlight!" Oh, goodness. I love my life.

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Barry Floore said...

quick point: the parasol did not plan the event, Jill did. HA!