Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 Cincy Pride Logo

Thanks to JereKeys...

Thoughts? Reactions?


MFL said...

It looks like pigs to me. Leaves us open to all sorts of insults
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Jeffery said...

Which was involved in making this logo: no creative thought process, or a big bag of pot?

GeekJames said...

I'm appalled, embarrassed and insulted by this choice. "Deliverance" come to mind. It only adds fuel to those homophobic right-wingers who equate homosexuality with pig sex. WTF were they thinking?????

Pride falls on my birthday (6/14), and though we always support Pride events, I'm not sure I want to even go!

EMullins said...

Please tell me this is a bad joke.

GeekJames said...

Friends from out of town are asking if they can buy the t-shirt. This has the potential to make Cinci a laughing stock (again)

Evan said...

I think the logo is fitting. We all know you guys like doing things with "sausage".

(Sorry, couldn't help myself)

To play devil's advocate, they were probably using the pigs because Cinci used to be the pork capitol and they have yet to find anything new to build an identity around (except for being small minded bigots). I don't like it, but that is because it is a gaudy design with atrocious color choices.

Anonymous said...

Are they walking on a BIG PINK PIECE OF POO? (Or is that a sausage?)

Jesus wept.

This has to be the absoulte worst Pride Logo and Theme EVER. I've said it before. I'll say it again and actually I'll be writing my own Blog Entry about it later.

1. MFL is right "PIGS" leaves us open to insults

2. GeekJames is right "Delieverence", sex pigs, and backwoods hicks/

3. Even though Cincy was known as "Porkpopolis" many years ago alot of people even within Cincy doesn;t know that. Also the PRIDE Parade is not ABOUT Cincy uts about the GLBT Community and that includes the people who do not live in Cincy proper but also the areas around Cincy proper (Northern KY - and Towns South of Columbus who don;t have their own festivities)

4. Evan I understand that but if they are so out of touch and can't think about the other double meanings then they are really out of touch.

I've talked to someone from The Pride Committe. They won't change it "Its too late" although they should. Just swallow it and change it.

One of the things that pride Themes are so boring. Well this one isn;t boring. Its an embaressment. And if the Pride Committe is so so tired and just out of touch perhaps its time for them to PUBLICALLY ask for for NEW BLOOD to take over and take the Pride Festivities out of the hands of The Center.

Me I'm skipping Cincy Pride. I'll do Columbus and Louisville this year. But theres no way I will attend or support this "Squealin" crap.

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in Cincy, it took me a second to figure out why people were appalled - incorporating pigs into city-wide events is completely normal here in Cincinnati. We have the Flying Pig marathon every year, and there are pig statues throughout the city.

This logo would be inappropriate if it was meant to be anywhere but in Cincinnati, but we're a city who sees pigs as just... well... a symbol of the city.

I DO think that the logo is over-the-top. We get it. Pigs. Did they need the tail AND the pigs? Could it have only used the tail and done a color-changing effect down the tail to show the rainbow, instead of using poorly designed pigs.

caltraveler said...

The design is certainly graphically appalling, as is the potential references it might inspire. I can't believe anyone would have chosen this as a logo for anything as it is the most atrocious design I have seen for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Ok folks, I am going to agree I am not a fan of the them, but I don’t mind the logo. It does play on Cincinnati history and so I know where they are coming from. I also, understand all the negative thoughts and ideas that can be open to the pig theme. But instead of trashing it, lets take it and run with, turn the negatives into something fun. If people form out of town want the shirts, even for the joke of it, it is not all bad. After all we could have went with the I'll have my pride as 3-Way" and that would not have been any better.

Next for all you that are bitching, then get involved, the Pride team has been looking for and still needs help, so do it.

When was the last time you knocked on doors to spread the message about equality, when is the last time you wrote your elected officials to ask then to protect your rights.

The point I am getting at is if you don't want to do the work then you have no right to BITCH about the job of others.

I know that this may have ticked some people off, but I am so sick of hearing people complain about things in Cincinnati and yet they do nothing to make a difference.

Barry Floore said...

I'm going to write my review of the logo here in the next day or so, but I'll say this: just because people aren't as actively involved as others... and, btw... I can speak for at least five of the commentators that they are involved in some way... does not disallow them the right to an opinion.

Anonymous said...

The logo is creative, it's the theme that's horrific!!

Anonymous said...


Maybe if they opened up more and didn;t pick the theme early in October they'd get more feedback.

If they can have a contest for a Log they can certainly have a contest for a Theme.

And btw I have actually talked to someone at Cincy Pride and have had them forward my number to someone at the Center almost 3 weeks ago and I have still yet to get a call.

And I knock, and I post Calls to Action and inform people and I do get involed.

We all have a right to our opinions. And they should be listened to. WE are the community after all.

Anonymous said...

Come to the next Pride meeting on Tuesday, 3/24 at 7 PM, MCC Church in Northside

Anonymous said...


Actually Anon was me. (I forgot to fill details)

I will come if it will do any good and you guys will change this hideous theme. I'll even attempt to take the bus out to Northside to attend.

I will come if you let me take over and head next years Pride and build a new commitee.

But I am so adverse to this theme its not funny and don't want to be involved with it any way.

If you want to contact me please feel free to do so at

Believe me it is not my intent to trash. Really. But this theme is just so bad and as you can obviouly see many people are not that thrilled with it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps something a little lighthearted, silly even, is just what we need in these troubled times. So what you don't like it -- it certainly is getting attention, no? Prefer some bland corporatist "unity in diversity" theme yet again? A lot of very good-hearted, hard working people are doing their best to put on an event, and all some folks can do is fling poo from their cages. Lighten up -- Pride is about much more than some silly theme. Suck up and move along.

Montgomery Maxton said...


Anonymous said...

"A lot of very good-hearted, hard working people are doing their best to put on an event, and all some folks can do is fling poo from their cages."

Spoken just like someone on the committe that voted for the theme.

As for the "bland corporatist "unity in diversity" theme" You know THAT IS what PRIDE is ABOUT. Diversity and getting together to celebrate your heritage. Even if we bring into the equation of something "lighthearted and fun" that would be fine as long as it was a theme that could not be made FUN OF and twisted to be used in a derogitory manner.

And yes I agree the Pride Committe works hard. And it is appreciatted. But just because they work hard does not mean that people can't say "You know this theme is bad" and it also doesn't mean that the Pride Committe can gets a pass on the fact that they made a bad choice and seem not to want to rectify it and ignoring peoples requests and telling people to "take it and run with it" and "get over it"

Barry Floore said...

Actually, I kinda like "I'll have my pride as a three way."

But that's personal.

Anonymous said...

Who says it is a bad choice? Because a handful (yes, handful) of blog posters slime it, the committee should fall over themselves to overturn a decision made by the folks who actually showed up, and who actually are putting this together? I guess you should have informed them a bit earlier on that you have earned veto power.

Jere Keys said...


You know, several people have offered thoughtful and relevant reasons why it's a bad choice. I even defended the theme at first, but when paired with this logo design, I won't any more. Instead of dismissing the most-read and respected bloggers of Cincinnati's queer scene (i.e. Barry, Wolf, etc.) as uninvolved critics, why don't you articulate why this is a good theme? Explain why we should support it, other than your tired and wrong-headed "the ones who show up get to call the shots and be immune from criticism" argument.

Anonymous said...

This is actually like beating a DEAD PIG (LOL) Since it seems the Pride Committe is too pigheaded to admit that the theme just plain sucks and more than a few people are grumbling. (And I am SURE that its met with criticism looong before today)

The more that this conversation goes on and the HORRIBLE attitude th Pride Committe is taking with the "why weren't you at meetings when we decided" and that they "own" the event and are "above critism" I find very disturbing actually and is painting the Pride Committe in a very bad light and I'll call then on it right now.

Maybe its time to take the Pride Committe OUT of the Center and start fresh in 2010. I have every intention of starting a Northern Kentucky Pride for 2010. (because I doubt the rumour is true that simeone else is doing it)You see it can always be expanded to Greater Cincinnati/Northern KY Pride of 2010. Especially since the Committe seems to bitch and moan so much about doing it and how they get few people involved. Perhaps it has to do with their attitude. Hmmmm?

So Pride Committe you are free in 2010. I'll put a new committe together and we'll take ot over. So next year you can just sit back and relax.

But one things for certain. I will listen to feedback and I will owe up to mistakes and try to rectify them and I will take into consideration what the community says and will not take a "holier than thou attitude".

As for 2009 I'm calling it a wash. I REFUSE to SQUEAL unless Christian Bale's involved. So as I said I'll head off to Columbus and Louisville and spend money their and support THEIR Community this year.

Dan said...


Anonymous said...

I agree this logo is appalling. It embarrasses me that I belong to such a community that would pick this as a logo and a theme. I am sure myself and other will be turned off so much as not to go to any of the Pride events in Cincinnati. What happen to the logo that we had. It was universal.