Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And so it begins...

Three very significant developments this week in the fight for equality:

  • The Supreme Court fight has begun: Eight couples, and three gay widowers, have brought suit against the federal government for recognition of their marriages. Even though it is only coming out of Massachusetts, the implications are fascinating. If the Supreme Court says that the federal government has to recognize marriages as defined by a state, then that essentially knocks down the 1996 Federal DOMA. The question, of course: is it time?
  • Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) has introduced a bill to the US House of Representatives repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, stating that it is ineffective and has impeded military readinness. On her bill, the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, she says: "This bill will once and for all end the discriminatory practices of the Department of Defense and men and women who have been administratively discharged would be allowed to have the opportunity to serve again if they want. There is no evidence to support a continued ban on open service, and every reason to allow lesbian and gay Americans to serve our country." President Obama is currently meeting with the Department of Defense on how to best deal with a possible repeal.
  • And the right is gearing up to fight "David's Law," which is expansion of hate crimes protections to cover sexual orientation, as well.

Things to watch for...

Oh, and via JMG, Pelosi is promising the passage of a trans-inclusive ENDA. Thank jeebus.

I just realized how expansive this post is... lot of good stuff :-).


Jere Keys said...

That article on hate crimes makes my head want to explode. It relies on classic slippery slope logical fallacy to deliberately create confusion, cites no sources (I can't find anything to back up those DoJ statistics), and makes wildly unproven claims. That author deserves to be mocked in public.

J. Clarence said...

Why is Robert Knight putting the word "gay" in quotation marks, as if he is questioning whether homosexuality exists?

In any event, this could be the year where the shit hits the fans. So much is on the line. Usually I'm the overtly cautious type, but I've been told to be more optimistic and I am.

Plus, I think this time people are ready for the fight, and the electorate across the board are moving more center-left.