Thursday, March 5, 2009

California Vigils

Word on the street is that the Supreme Court of California will rule this morning on arguments about overturning Proposition 8. I'll be asleep, so I hope to wake up to good news. But we'll see.

There were candlelight vigils in California urging the Court to overturn the discriminatory measure.

From the LA Times:
As rain fell and the song "Fidelity" blasted through the sound system, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presided Wednesday night over the "recommitment ceremonies" of half a dozen gay couples who married during the five-month period that such weddings were legal in California.

It was one of dozens of vigils held across California hours before the state Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the legal challenges to Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage.

Many of the 200 or so people who attended Los Angeles' vigil said they did not expect their demonstration to influence the justices who will decide whether Proposition 8 is valid.

But they did want to send a public message, "to put a face on the issue," as Kate Kuykendall put it. Kuykendall, 32, of El Segundo, wore a white wedding dress. She and her wife, Tori, 32, are featured in a video set to the Regina Spektor song "Fidelity," which has become the gay marriage anthem.
Good luck today, guys. I hope it's good news this morning. I really, really do.

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