Saturday, March 7, 2009

Catholics Hate Gay Connecticut

The Catholics have lost their freaking minds, out of Connecticut:
The Connecticut Catholic Conference is asking lawmakers to expand the category of those who don't have to comply with the state's new same-sex marriage law if their religion holds that such unions are wrong.

People such as florists, wedding photographers and justices of the peace.

"Same-sex couples have their liberties protected fully. Religious people are wondering, 'How is this going to affect me?'" said David Reynolds, lobbyist for the Catholic Church.

Reynolds raised his concerns Friday as the legislature's judiciary committee considered a bill to ensure that existing statutes comport with the landmark state Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

"A situation has been created ... where state policy seriously conflicts with the religious beliefs of a large number of the citizens of the state," Reynolds said. He cited examples in other states where businesspeople have faced legal action because they declined, on religious grounds, to provide goods or services to same-sex couples.
Don't the Catholics have some souls to save? Some counseling to do? Some sermons to preach? Something else to do besides encourage discrimination against LGBT people in the state?

I mean really. It's been a weird week for gay people.

Don't forget the shady shit done by the Kentucky Senate in advancing the anti-gay adoption bill. Apparently, when you're losing, just play dirty politics and everything will be OK.


J. Clarence said...

I'm currently looking up what examples of being forced to provide a service that have come up in other states, because it's really interesting point.

However, Sen. John Kissel is correct in that such exemption could create a slippery slope, where people start denying services to everyone because they have some objection.

In any case, social conservatives will never stop. It's like they have a Mary Poppins bag full of ideas to slow the process down.

J. Clarence said...

Follow-up, just for the heck of it, I looked up information on the New Jersey case involving the two lesbians.

Connecticut Catholic Conference would like to have you think that the court was in "activist" mode again; however, the Methodist Association was found responsible for violation a public accommodations law in New Jersey. The association quickly changed its policy there after.

See CCC trying to trick people like that.