Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fisher vs. Brunner on the Web

The Buckeye State Blog talks about the Fisher vs. Brunner primary in terms of its online activism, making three points:
  1. Brunner is kicking Fisher's ass in online fundraising -- something like $8,000 (JB) to $300 (LF). Also points us to Fisher's recently launched campaign website, where we see that his son is gorgeous. I might want to vote for him just for that reason.
  2. Fisher is kicking Brunner's ass in getting friends on Facebook -- something like 1000 friends to 300. Here are their respective groups: Brunner and Fisher.
  3. Mayor Mark Mallory is a friend of Fisher's on Facebook, which the author said could be interpreted as an endorsement.

And then, of course, we have the important question: does any of this matter?


I think Brunner's initial fundraising lead is impressive, but we're still nearly 10 months away from any serious campaigning, and Fisher did just open up his website. I think it's a little presumptuous to say that this will indicate any long-term growth. As for Facebook friends, I think the predominance of groups called "I bet I can find 1,000,000 supporters of... [insert cause or politician here]" tells us that friends on Facebook do not = votes in real life. Duh. And, finally, I'm friends with lots of people I don't like/know. That doesn't mean that I would write a letter of recommendation for them. Seriously.

At this point, we know nothing, but I'm an election junkie so... yea. I, apparently, think this is hella cool.

Oh, and Ms. Brunner is apparently trying to create the rhetoric of this campaign around the change vs. experience motif we saw in the last election. Here's the thing... if Obama is still doing well, then this will play great for Brunner. If Obama starts tanking... then it's a bad thing to play up. But, then again, why are we really expecting Obama to fail? So much depends upon... (From the Daily Kos)

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