Monday, March 9, 2009

HRC Steering Committee -- Cincinnati

From Ron Hirth of the local HRC Steering Committee, via their Facebook group:
Members of HRC Greater Cincinnati's Steering Committe travelled to Washington D.C. to participate in HRC"s lobby day on Thursday, March 5 and attend the 2009 Equality Convention. In addition to seeing old friends and making new ones from across the Unted States, we all participated in the closing ceremony where our Steering Committee was awarded Steering Committee of the Year for communities with 0 - 3 Board of Governor representatives.

In addition our Political, Federal Club and Volunteer sub-committees were honored for their own individual achievements during this past year.

On lobby day, the contigent from Cincinnati met with legislators or thier staff inlcuding Congressman Steve Driehaus (D - OH1) himself, aides from Senators Voinovich and Brown's offices, and from Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's office. In addition, visits were made to Kentucky legislators Congressman Geoff Davis' and Senators Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnel's offices.

The local LGBT voice of Greater Cincinnati was heard in DC!
Welcome back, guys/gals/etc.!

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