Thursday, March 5, 2009

Question of the Week

This week's is a little bit longer, and a little more in-depth:
We all have those lists -- you know, for couples it's "who I can sleep with and it not be considered cheating," for gay men it's "women I would still sleep with," (for straight men, it might be "men I would sleep with") etc. -- what's your list and who's on it?
As always, answers on Friday!


Michi said...

I am utterly confused by this week's question.

Barry Floore said...

Who can you sleep with and it not be considered cheating by your significant other? (Am I the only one in the world that makes these lists?)

Anonymous said...

Well with the EX-Significan Other all bets were off if:

David Tenent
Clive Owen
John Barrowman
Tim Roth
Bear Grylls

(I have a thing for the UK Guys)

Anonymous said...

Bret Michaels
Kris Angel: Mind Freak
Jude Law
Hugh Grant

**people think I have a weird/gross list**

5chw4r7z said...

I don't think Ms. 5chw4r7z would ever give me a freepass on anyone but if she did, I think it would probably be Lisa Loeb.

Anonymous said...

i was confused too, thanks for asking michi...also, i'm single, but on my "celebrity list":

liam neeson
minnie driver
christopher eccleston
colin firth
patrick stewart

hmm...i guess i have a thing for brits too.

Anonymous said...

aaand i completely forgot about hugh laurie (the newest addition to my list).

Jeffery said...

Top 5 chicks I'd switch for (in no particular order):

Gina Gershon
Janet Jackson
Allysa Milano
Uma Therman
Young Katharine Hepburn - hell old Kate was still kinda sexy.