Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zac Effron Comes Out!!!!

In a move that, well, surprises very few people, Zac Effron's publicist released a statement this evening from the teen star himself that admits to a relationship with long time friend, only identified in the release as "Peter" -- ostensibly to conceal his boyfriend's identity.

From the release:

Mr. Effron would like to thank all of his fans for their continued support and love, and he believes that this will not change their views of him. He felt it was important for the public to know, though he requests privacy in his relationship between himself and "Peter." Mr. Effron will continue with current plans to film High School Musical 4.
The rest of the release is filled with the usual dribble -- "not a gay activist," "just another guy who happens to be gay," blah blah blah. Apparently, he timed his own outing to come after the Nickelodean Kids Choice Awards, so that his public statement would not "overshadow the event." I mean, that's kind of reasonable, plays into the whole "kids don't need to know about the gay" thing. *rolls eyes*

Of course, the rumors had been flying around the internet for the past few weeks when this picture popped up on a Myspace site of one of Zac's friends, purporting to show Zac and who we think is Peter drunk and shirtless at a party, canoodling for the camera. I'm guessing that's Zac with the hat on -- it looks like him from the side, yea?

I'm sure it will be huge by morning, but I just want to make sure I said this first: Zac could do so much better. Like, for example, me.

Regardless, welcome to the life, Zac Effron. :-)


Jaz said...

awww happy april fools to you too love xx

Michael Chanak Jr said...

In this news - Barry Floore, my daughter, announced her unilateral engagement to Mr. Zac Efron.

Wolfie said...

Hahaha I fell for it and stole it!

Love ya Barry!

The Seeker said...

I love you Barry... I totally acted the whole part and freaked out my friend!!! She was so pissed at how I've now "stolen" 3 of her loves: Lance Bass, Zav Efron, and our friend Cory...


She says you should jump off the "Tiatnic" and die... (that's the balcony above Starbucks on campus here...)


The Seeker said...

ammendment to my last statement:

Upon gleaning the knowledge that this post was by "that Barry" she now would like you to throw yourself off the bow of Titanic and die twice...

*she's kidding you know...*


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

is this an april fools stunt?

Hulk Villa said...

if only this were true!
I wished today was april 2nd so that this wasn't a joke. zac=teh sexx