Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weird Marriage Stuff

Well these certainly are unique approaches to the equal marriage movement (and, might I say, smart moves):
  • California has a new bill that proposes to strike marriage from California law, period. Make everyone get a DP and let the churches do the marrying ... which, actually, is not that unwise and would remove the whole church-state question known as "marriage" in our country. (Granted, I will say this: a lot of heterosexuals will feel like it's a down-size, I'm sure, which, I think, is the point of our argument.)
  • Meanwhile, a bill in Iowa has been introduced that creates gender neutral marriage, as opposed to specifically saying "marriage is between a man/woman and a man/man and a woman/woman and..." You can see how gender neutrality would be helpful there. (Iowa, btw, may be the next state to judicially pass equal marriage. Seriously. We haven't lost a court case on this one yet.)
Well, that's about all the marriage stuff I can take today. :-)

Oh, but shit is building. Be prepared.

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