Saturday, September 22, 2007

GAY STUFF: "Decided to Lead with My Heart"

This is a wonderful, amazing clip from the mayor of San Diego about his decision to support gay marriage. His own tears and clear difficulty in changing his opinion and being open about it... well, it was hard for me to watch and not tear up too.

Thank you Mayor Sanders... who, btw, is a Republican.

"In the end, I couldn't look them in the face and tell them that their relationship was any less meaningful..."

(I haven't quite figured out how to embed vids yet, sorry)

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Anonymous said...

Hey baby

I hate anonymous postings so I will cease to be anonymous riiiight now. I was in your 8th grade home room, went to new york with you and our nut job theater teacher, and made you go see a wretched cover band in chucktown last december. If there is more than one person who fits this description, I might be frightened.

Thanks for this vid. Made my early morning.

Does this blog mean no more myspace?

How goes the nursing school process?

Nothing much is new here except that I am a year older, still hopelessly hetero, and decidedly less intelligent than I used to be. Cheerful update, huh?

love you