Saturday, September 22, 2007

LAW: How to Sue God

I always wondered if this would happen...

Nebraska legislator Sues God

What I think is funny is that he got a "response." Now, clearly, it came from this Corpus Christi (if anyone ever wondered what exactly that means, it literally translates to... "the body of Christ") legal group, who is not answering questions. I can't seem to find the actual legal paperwork, but I will try my damnedest.

Sen. Ernie Chambers is my new hero.

America is basically a hypocritical society and recognizes that hypocrisy is found throughout. The public doesn’t look for politicians to tell the truth or to deliver on their promises... Politicians know this. Even when the public seems to be upset, the politicians know if they can put on a brave face and ride it out, they generally will. (this quote by Sen Chambers comes from the ultimate in "truth" in this world, Wikipedia, so who knows if it's real)

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