Tuesday, September 4, 2007

GENERAL STUFF: Star Trek Voyager

I'm becoming addicted to this show, and I found a fascinating breakdown of how they got home here.

Including this neat (if oversimplied) map of the Milky Way galaxy in Star Trek (everyone does know that, even though they traveled 75,000 light years away, they are still in Milky Way, which I think is fascinating.

A couple of interesting things:

1) I don't remember ANYTHING called "Breen," and it appears to take up a large portion of the Alpha quadrant.

2) I'm a little shocked that they use both the alpha and beta quadrant in all the other Star Trek shows, especially since I assumed the set up would be geo-centric with the Federation in the dead middle of the alpha quadrant.

3) So, basically the Borg control the majority of the Delta Quadrant?

Anyways, that was my nerd thing for the day.

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