Tuesday, September 4, 2007

GAY STUFF: Hanky Code

So, once upon there was something called "hanky code" amongst game men which indicated that A) you were interested in sex and b) what kind of sex you were interested in.

There's a really good list here of what they could mean.

The reason I bring it up is because last night I brought it up to this cute guy at the Comet who had a black with white hanky in his right back pocket. I told him I was pretty sure it meant he was the "top" in some situation... poor guy. Really, it appears, it means he's looking for a black top.

Which, I'm sure someone could provide him.

But he laughed and thought it was "cool." I think looking for black tops is cool to.

Here are some highlights from hanky codes:

1) Worn on the right, it always means you are "looking for" "receiving" or "bottom" in any circumstance.

2) Worn on the left, it always means you are "giving" "willing to offer" or "top" in any circumstance.

So, for example:

LAVENDER: (on right) looking for drag queens, (on left) is a drag queen

MUSTARD: (on right) looking for 8"+, (on left) has 8"+

RUST: (on right) horse, (on left) cowboy

MOSQUITO NETTING: (on right) outdoor sex bottom, (on left) outdoor sex top

UNION JACK: (on right) skinhead bottom, (on left) skinhead top

RED: (on right) fistee, (on left) fister

Isn't this fun? No, not really. :-) But fun to start freaking people out with.

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