Friday, April 18, 2008

PERSONAL: The Kristymobile

LK just shot me a text message regarding the now dead Kristymobile: "Aw. I have many fond memories of squeezing into that bitch."

Regarding the name itself, btw, I have to credit that one to TY over at the Vinyl Polis. She referred to it as such at one point, and I didn't accept it. However, the name stuck because of a conversation I had at Union Station -- Cincinnati (how I miss it!!!) between one of the local drag queen's roommates, RM, and the then manager of the shop, GW.

RM was complaining that the drag queen roommate was constantly messy, towhit GW responds that all drag queens are disgusting pigs, and it's just something you have to get used to.

Anyone who has ever ridden in my car is well aware that "disgusting pig" is a more than accurate description of the owner of that vehicle.

So, when I get the new car (possibly on Monday), I'll post it and we'll start thinking names. The history of my car names:

1988 Ford Escort Wagon -- Chibi (it was an inherited car and it was pretty beat up -- in fact, it died while I was driving it too -- hrm -- but it made the sound of chibichibichibichibichibi as it drove)

1994 Chevy Beretta -- Entropy (because it slowly fell apart too) or "the Gun" or "that gay shit he drives" (it was purple)

2003 Kia Rio -- "Fucking Piece of Shit" (I hate Kia's)

2002 Chevy Tracker -- Kristymobile

I want another two door car. Those are so much fun, even if they are absurdly impractical.

I am well aware that, technically, you cannot name a car until it is at least 10 years old, but I like to push the envelope and break rules. So, screw all you purists out there.

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