Saturday, November 22, 2008

Freestore Foodbank, Battle of the Blogs

After about ... well, three ... emails and comments that QueerCincinnati, the most prominent and prolific LGBT blog in the city (JB-- you're right, I'm such a self-promoter), was not participating in the Freestore Foodbanks' Battle of the Blogs to raise money and food...

...I had to relent. (Link to the Freestore Foodbank)

Mainly, though because I believe in the cause and am dramatically impressed with the outpouring of support that people have shown for this. And I think people comign together to do something good is an amazing and inspiring thing. 

The reason I haven't participated yet is that, though I have a lot of hits every day, I don't have an active readership base. That is, with a few exceptions (B
oy inthe Floppy Hat, the Seeker, Jere, Miss Chanak, my mom, etc.), I don't get a lot of interaction with people who read my blog, and I'm concerned that no one will do anything.

So, now I'm asking two things: 

TO THE OTHER GAY BLOGGERS IN TOWN: For each of you that blog the Battle of the Blogs in Cincinnati, I will donated $10 to the Freestore Foodbank (I'm poor, I don't have $200 on hand ready should I get a lot of response like Bearman, who is now blogrolled, I'm limiting it to $100). There must be two things: q) you MUST have me blogrolled :-) (I'm such a whore),  and 2) you must tell me that you've blogged it and link to the blog (and you have to be an LGBT or friendly blogger -- and you can be an out of towner). This is in the hopes that blogge
rs with more active readership, or who have a more extensive network of people who engage in discussion/etc. will help out.

TO ALL OF MY OTHER READERS IN TOWN AND ABROAD: Please please please donate by this easy online form. And all of you will be getting emails. If you do donate, make sure you post a comment and let me know. 

Oh, and I have a lot of canned vegetables. They are going. Oh, and I am putting the word out to school. So, um, yea.

UPDATE: I am inviting all of you to bring me canned and boxed goods. I will place boxes at work and at school. Hopefully it's not too late to start this little campaign. :-) The picture below is my personal donation from my own closet. Hey, I'm poor. I don't have a lot -- HA!

When is this shindig over and when are going to do the big delivery?


Someone said...

After a while, we should end this blog battle by finding a bar. All us bloggers should go, and pay a $5 cover. Maybe we can even get the bar to match.

The cover goes to the Freestore Foodbank, and we call it quits for this round!


Unknown said...

If I'm correct, the Cincinnati Women Bloggers meet-up is for Freestore?