Sunday, November 9, 2008



I freaking love the opportunity to listening to Diva's belting out broadway classics. It was amazing and wonderful and heartening. I got to go and sit at the front table with the PNC Bank folks. It was great fun. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries after the picture above was taken :-(. But there should be pictures of the event up on STOP AIDS website soon.

Oh, and maybe I'm late on this one, but this P. Ann Everson-Price lady... FABULOUS. I might start listening to the WIZ just to hear her...

Oh, and as for the rest of the night, I'm never going back to BlackFinn. I've been to a lot of gay bars in my life, this was the first straight bar I've ever been to that asked me to remove clothing.. hat, sunglasses, etc. 


And the drinks were weak.

And I got threatened for fixing a guy's collar.

And a straight male friend of mine pushed me off... and I seriously just went up to hug him.

And the music sucked.

And the obsession with women at straight bars is annoying. I, too, would like a free shot. 

*sigh* I am unacceptable in the company of straight people. 

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painted delivery said...

Sounds like a great event! Too bad your batteries died :(.


We went to a straight bar here in Columbus recently to meet of Jae's co-workers.

We were there less than five minutes and a dude sat down and said, "No offense, gay right?"