Saturday, November 22, 2008


This is another bargain bin at Blockbuster purchase.

Apparently, I have a thing for gay movies about Asians. It's very strange, really, as the only other official LGBT movie review I did was about Ethan Mao, also about a gay Asian family accepting sexuality. Stranger and stranger. 

This movie is about two story lines that occur on two floors in an apartment building. On the top floor, we have a Canadian-Asian lesbian couple that is having trouble getting their families to accept them while being in love, and while discussing their own possible impending marriage in light of their brother's. The second story is about the return of a (freshly out) gay boy's gay dad, and the strain it puts on the relationship with his stepdad. 

It's adorable, but not really that interesting. Let's cover the basic points:

1) Script -- Weak. Weak. Weak. I mean, yea, it's charming and means well, but there is nothing funny or even remotely meaningful about it. The plot is typical and expected. (Is anyone surprised that the prodigal gay dad swoops into town after two years, makes extravagant promises to his newly out 14-year old gay son, only to then disappoint the son?) Nothing added to the world, really, in terms of fun one liners either. I don't get the addition of the whole makeover thing. It seemed plugged in. I feel like it needed a mashup and a theme song... 

2) Acting -- They are trying really hard. Or not trying hard at all. It's like the director said, "Act natural" and they got all self conscious and decided to get weird. It's very... strange. Feels like a high school play sometimes. And the fake Japanese accent on the mom-in-law is something awful.

3) Overall -- It's only 50 minutes long -- no really -- only 50 minutes. It's bearable for 50 minutes, but totally not worth it if you have to buy it full price. I got it for $4, so it's reasonable for that piece. But it doesn't leave you with anything special. You kinda just go "oh, it's over," and you move on with your life. Other people have praised it for its views of multiculturalism and sexual diversity. I say... skip it and watch something else.

Short review, but it was a short flick...

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