Friday, November 21, 2008


Our ladies (Kate the Great, RedKatBlonde, Julie, and Amy) with George from Metronation!

Many thanks to Kate the Great and AmyInOhio and the hundres of others who posted (and reposted and reposted...) the information about the #OTRTweetUp last night... It was a blast!!! Went to Lavomatic with everyone  afterwards for some food -- first time there! It wasn't bad...

Oh, ended up at the triple thread of homosexuality -- BronZ, Bullie's, and Serpent -- afterwards. I'm going to say this: I think I'm through with drunken college boys. 

I didn't say I was, I just think  I am. In short, shoulda gone with the ladies to the Fashion Show at Twist. 

PS If you added me on Twitter, I have probably added you on my blogroll. Just check it out! :-)

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