Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fairness WV

Congratulations, West Virginia!

Did anyone else know that WV had, until a few days ago, no statewide LGBT rights organization? Seriously. But thing though, if you search "gay west virginia" in Google, you get a lot about Fort Gay, WV.

I think that's where their home base should be. Hell, I think it should be the center of the Queer Radical movement.


Jere Keys said...

Nevada still doesn't have one. We did, from 1999 to about 2003. I was even an employee and (later) board member for a time, but after our defeat in the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment, the group fizzled out.

I don't think Alaska, Nebraska, North Dakota, or Wyoming have them, either. The Equality Federation (a nationwide umbrella coalition of statewide PACs) doesn't have Colorado or Kansas listed, but there are PACs in those states.

Anonymous said...

I live in Charleston, WV and I fully support Fairness WV, but they are not the first gay activism group in the state. The Gay and Lesbian Coalition as well as Rainbow Pride of West Virginia predate Fairness by about 20 years. I am VERY glad that Fairness is now around.