Thursday, March 12, 2009

Susan Arnold Leaving P&G

Picture thanks to SheWired

HA! Right, I'm covering P&G. Well, I guess I sort of am. P&G's highest ranking female is on special assignment until September, reports the Advocate, leaving her work life open to speculation.

Rumors have it that a couple other Fortune 500 companies may be interested in her talents -- including Playboy and Sears.

...which would make her the first openly LGBT CEO of a Fortune 500.

Funny, didn't even know she was one of us.


Jere Keys said...

Back when I worked at Out & Equal, we talked about her quite a bit, hoping she would finally get the big chair at P&G so we could finally point to an openly LGBT person as CEO of a Fortune 500. The ranks for the F500 are still so disturbingly white, cisgender and male that even were she not a lesbian, she'd still bring a little diversity as a woman.

The Seeker said...

So one week after I resign from Sears I hear that an LGBT gal has been linked to them... just my goddamn luck! haha