Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kentucky Anti-Gay Senate Bill is DEAD

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Legislation that would bar unmarried couples in Kentucky from adopting or fostering children was declared officially dead Wednesday after the state Senate’s GOP leadership declined to schedule a vote.

The measure passed a key committee last week and was sent for a vote on the floor of the Senate. But with the current session set to end on Friday, the bill was not placed on the agenda.

Even if the bill won Senate approval, it would have to be sent to the House and passed there before the end of the week.

The sponsor of the legislation, Sen. Gary Tapp (R) said he hopes to bring back the measure in the next session. But even then its future is uncertain.

The measure said that anyone “cohabitating with a sexual partner outside of marriage” cannot be considered as a foster or adoptive parent.

Although the bill would affect all unmarried couples living together it was seen as specifically targeting same-sex couples.
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