Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on Bunning

I just love covering this man, and keeps feeding me so I'm perfectly happy to report.'s take on the latest news:
Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY), had a poll taken in February and has refused to release the results. Normally, politicians release their internal polls when they are favorable and hide them when they are not. When reporters asked about the poll, Bunning said "If you paid the 20 grand for the poll, you can get some information out of it." Actually, we do get some information from his statement: polls of this kind apparently cost $20,000. (Emphasis mine. -- QC) This incident puts another nail in Bunning's coffin. The Republicans will now probably do anything to get rid of him as they perceive him as very vulnerable.
HA! I wonder what the poll said. Can we get a pollster to run one and see what it says? PLEASE.

Of course, the site left out the best part of the quote, when Bunning told reporters that it was none of their "goddamn business." Signs the man may be in trouble? When he starts cussing at reporters. My uncle always said he won an argument when the other side started swearing.

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