Friday, March 6, 2009

Two bits on Marrage Equality

Two quick bits to keep you in the know:
  • Vermont is fast tracking the marriage equality bill. It may be a rocky ride, as the Senate is overwhelmingly Dem (23-7) in support, but the House will be a little dicier. Governor Jim Douglas has not yet said whether he would sign it, but will wait for it to come out of Congress (which is a wise move politically -- he doesn't piss anyone off, but he has not been supportive in the past). Vermont's Legislative Session reconvenes on the 17th of March.
  • Illinois' civil union bill made it out of the Judical Committee on a disappointing 4-3 vote for consideration by the greater House. We'll watch it.

Now, remember, I have it on good authority that Maine may be the first legislatively passed equal marriage bill. We'll see whether my source is as right as they think they are.

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