Friday, March 6, 2009

Keith Urban on the Cover of ... Playgirl?

With shots that only had a guitar covering himself. Truly.

From the SF Gate:

Nicole Kidman was "impressed" when her husband Keith Urban showed her pictures of a sexy photo shoot from his past.

The country music star posed for provocative pictures for adult magazine Playgirl in 2001, and several of the shots show him naked with just a guitar covering his genitals.

Urban admits his wife only saw the photographs recently, but she was happy with the results.

He tells Britain's New! magazine, "Nicole was impressed with the shots. It was spread over two pages and had staples in all the right places!"

And the singer reveals he could be tempted to strip off for the cameras once again, adding, "I am a dad and a totally different person now. But I might consider it if my fans demanded it!"
I mean, I'm not really that big of a fan, but the pictures are kind of hot. :-) Well done, Keith Urban. I'm impressed.

Though I'm disappointed we didn't get to see more :-(.

In a related note, my mother once had her hands on the first issue of Playgirl, with Burt Reynolds on the cover and on the inside. Truly. She apparently went up to the store to pick it up and walked home with it in a brown paper bag. It is one of my mother's many interesting stories about her teen years, including about her first drunken experience and her first time seeing a real live penis on a streaker.
Meanwhile, the whereabouts of this above mentioned magazine are unknown.

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Anonymous said...

He SHOULD do it again BUT show Frontal this time