Monday, June 30, 2008

BLOGGING: New Rainbow Cincinnati Column!

Your Monday morning is complete! My column over at Rainbow Cincinnati is up and running! And here's your preview:
When you have barely known a guy for a week and a conversation turns, already, to "I'm going out with another guy tonight," you start to believe that your dating life is perpetually cursed.
Check it out fully here, and don't forget to check out the most excellent full site by clicking the image below.


Anonymous said...

It's a problem of assumptions: if you're at a gay bar, you're assumed to be looking until proven otherwise. Everywhere else? Reverse it. Single gay men don't play softball! That's what sexless partners for over 30 years do.

It's a dangerous, fallacious (yes I almost typed fellatious) mindset, but no less real for all that. Everything else builds from there.

Although I can proudly say that all of my sex partners have been in my friends network and/or met outside the bar scene.

I guess that makes me a Good Queer?

Jay said...

I feel yer pain and give you a toast.

I missed the boat with my last one because I was trying to be considerate of the feelings of his cow-eyed, mooney roommate who was all trying to get with him, and me... and trying to be respectful to the pains of their recent dumping.

Trying to be a nice and respectful guy left me on the platform at the station. Turns out you gotta move a little faster to catch the express train.

I'd rather be nice than not, but... sigh... Being a grown up sucks. (Just metaphorically, not literally)