Thursday, June 26, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Kristy Kay Karolina Returns

That's right, folks, Kristy's coming out for a night to perform at Old Street in Monroe in the Miss Porkopolis pageant.... and she's bringing George Michael out!!! (well, sort of, but I think the idea of a drag queen doing male drag is fun)

Mama wants a crown!

But it should be fabulous. And, if you don't come, mama will beat you with her Scepter of Love.

This is an ISQCCBE event, so all moneys go to local charities. And that's a good thing.

WHO: Kristy Kay Karolina with the ISQCCBE
WHAT: Competing for the Miss Porkopolis 2008 pageant, to follow dear friend Dixie Crystals
WHERE: Old Street Saloon, 13 Old Street, Monroe, OH
WHEN: Friday night, 10-ish p.m.
WHY: Because you love me and I want a crown

Oh, and, as always, if you mention my blog when you see me, you can buy me a drink.


Dan said...

I'd love to come out but can't. Give us more notice!

Barry Floore said...

I only knew about it yesterday. It was still up in the air until Dixie Crystals called me and said "you have no excuse, I'm picking you up at 7pm."

Speaking of which... SHIT! I have to get ready!

Jay said...

Hope you won!

Barry Floore said...

no no, i was third of three. *SIGH*