Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meet our new latest queer Cincy-area who seems in line to beat me as the most prolific LGBT-focused blogger in Cincinnati: I'm impressed, so far, they claim to be an organization, though, and I'm curious to know where they are going.

They are based out of Covington, KY. I'm trying to find more information as quicly as I can. Here's a piece from their best post so far:

In my opinion the only one guilty of disrespecting our History is Mr. Friss and the lackadaisical Gay “Mainstream” Media at this point. Why they have spun and turned this way is beyond me. Perhaps its fear. Fear of losing their cushy mainstream jobs or perhaps they don’t want to make enemies or make waves. But whatever it is they do us NO GOOD and should be ignored and they themselves be removed as “voices” of our community.

Our fight can no longer be waged and won by Task Forces, Black Tie Fund Raisers, Public Relations People, Commercials and “nice protests”. It hasn’t worked for the past 20 Years. Why should it work now and why should we revert back to it after blatantly seeing that IT DOES NOT WORK with the Passage of Proposition 8.


Boycotts, Marches, Civil Disobediences, Guerilla Theatre, and REAL Grassroots Activism is needed. Not with Mission Statements as such from “Join The Impact”

We must engage our opposition in a conversation about full equality and to do this with respect, dignity, and an attitude of outreach and education.”


That’s a nice sentiment. It really is. Only it doesn’t work and has NEVER worked throughout history. Our enemies are fueled by the bigotry and hate of their “religion” We MUST take this fight to a Federal Level. Nothing less will do and we must fight for ALL or NOTHING and we must WIN using whatever means possible.

You see I think we have forgotten something. The Stonewall Movement never ended. It will be 40 years since that fateful night in June in NYC. 40 Years and this is only as far as we have come. Many of the original Activist have passed and it is up to us to carry on their work. But we must pick up the torch and carry on. And that means looking to the past to see what worked. Especially now since what we have been doing in the present has not.

But one thing is sure. We must ORGANIZE and we MUST SUPPORT EACH OTHER

Well, done, whomever you are.

(You have been blogrolled, btw, and now you get your own label -- I have a feeling I'll be talking about you quite a bit.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone at QueerCincinnati!

This is Wolf from over at (Okay actually it’s “Will” but “Wolf” sounds more menacing. LOL!)

I just want to say THANK YOU for the great words and Blogrolling me. Its an honor and a GREAT WAY to start Christmas Day!

A bit about me. I came of age in the 80’s on NYC where I was actively involved in the Gay Community. I also lived in Washington DC and Boston MA. I wound up in Covington KY because of P&G. (Loooong story has to do with P&G don’t want to get into that now)

One of the things that made me choose Covington was the fact that Covington expanded their existing human rights ordinance by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the already protected classes. Something btw that we need Cincinnati to do!

Now about

It is and will be an organization. It was only started a week ago. By me, because frankly I am disgusted at the lack of leadership and advancement we as Lesbians, Gay men, and Trangendered indivduals have made over the past 40 Years since Stonewall. The passage of Prop 8 was a wake up call and a slap in the face to us. And in the aftermath the misdirection and frankly blatant apathy of our so called leaders and spokesmen is just maddening to me. In my opinion when we stopped being activist and became PR people thats when we started to backslide and lose. We cannot WIN our RIGHTS by making believe that some nice newsletters, and positive marketing alone is going to change the minds of those who are denying us of BASIC and our INALIENABLE RIGHTS. The Religious Right will NEVER accept us. THEY are a lost cause and IMO they are our ENEMY They lie, slander, and raise money to fight us in the name of GOD to deny us our CIVIL LIBERTIES and RIGHTS that are granted us in the Constitution and we should already have. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we riot and light cars ablaze.......yet. And the PR and Newsletters aren’t totally a bad thing. They just do not work ALONE. There are many stratagies that need to be used all at ONCE. Inclusing Boycotts, Protests, Guerilla Theatre, and the OUTTING of BIGOTS. We need more visibilty of ourselves as a community and of our Anger and our indignation that this Country, Our Country AMERICA is ALLOWING this to happen and is doing nothing to rectify it. Its NOT just about Marriage and its NOT only on City and State Levels. Its also on a Federal level. And we need to work ALL the levels of Goverment in ALL ways to succed.

I am just one Gay Man who is disgusted and angry. But one man or woman can make a difference and if we band together through our indignation and anger and channel it and use it WE WILL WIN.

There are so many things that need to be done. And not one Group or Organization can do them all. Thats why I started If we in the Cincinnati and Norhern Kentucky Area can work togeher we can make a difference. In our Area. In the United States and in the lives of other. WE MUST BAN TOGETHER.

I have many plans for But as I said its only 7 Days old. I have linked the site to a Bulletin Board Forum that I am in the course of building to announce Nationwide and Local Actions, News, Conversations and Ideas about what we can do in our own Community. (And if anyone would like to help, has ideas, or is involved with Back2Stonewall or is in another G/L/TRGND Organization that would like to work together PLEASE email me @

We just can’t sit back and rely on groups like the HRC and the NGLTF anymore. They are out of touch and have become almost like corporations.

I will keep blogging. I will keep trying to organize events. And I will keep fighting and telling it like it is.

I hope that you'll join me and do the same.

Again, Thanks you made my Christmas!